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Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Coming Home Today

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Staffing Information for 2015-2016 School Year

Please join us in thanking the following staff for their dedicated years of service to Warwick Elementary and the Central Bucks School district as they open the new chapter in their book of life called retirement!

  • Mrs. Greenberg - School Nurse
  • Mrs. Hakkinen - Staff Nurse
  • Mrs. King - Speech Therapist
  • Mrs. Risko - Educational Assistant
  • Mrs. Peppel - Educational Assistant

Please join me in wishing well the following staff who will be changing assignments for the 2015-2016 school year and working in another CB school. We were fortunate to have worked with them and I hope we are able to cross paths again in the future.

  • Mrs. Sobusiak
  • Mrs. Eckenrode
  • Mrs. Alderfer

I am excited to share with you the staff which will be working with our school community during the 2015-2016 school year:


  • K: Mrs. Holtzman
  • EDK: Mrs. Falcone
  • 1st: Mrs. Dougherty, Ms. Emery (soon to be Mrs.Melvin) , Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Jaffe
  • 2nd: Mr. Cresswell, Mrs. Hartzell, Mrs. Reed, TBD
  • 3rd: Ms. Fornwald, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Wetzel, TBD
  • 4th: Mr. Heine, Mr. Sidelinker, TBD
  • 5th: Mrs. Egan, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Willett
  • 6th: Mrs. Donohue, Mr. Endy, Ms. Tagye, Ms. Shoap

Learning Support:

Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. Miller.

Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Smith are scheduled to be on leave during the 1st semester. Their two vacancies are still to be determined.

Autistic Support:

Mrs. Levari (welcome back), Mrs. Kazatsky, Mrs. Parks


  • PEN: Mr. Fillette
  • Library: Mrs. Kehan
  • Speech: TBD
  • School Nurse: TBD
  • Psychologist: Ms. Marshall
  • Student Support Counselor: Mrs. Sleicher
  • Art: Ms. VanHouten and TBD
  • PE: Mr. Bocklet and Mr. Battis
  • String: Mrs. Herrshaft
  • Band: Mr. Losch
  • Reading: Mrs. Ela and Mrs. Butler
  • QUEST: Mr. Merrill and Mrs. Brevic
  • Music: Mrs. Kelley

Please join me in thanking Ms. Fay, Mr. Sanville, Ms. Wismer, Ms. Levin, Mrs. Kennedy & Miss Constable for their dedication to our students and our school this year.

We will update the staffing list on the website throughout the summer, and by the time the portal opens in August I am confident I will have a complete staff list available.

Looking Ahead!

Every other year, Warwick Elementary School has raised funds to support the efforts of our Parent-Teacher-Organization (PTO) through the Race for Education. This is a fun, active, and successful way to engage our students in a worthwhile activity, while also fostering financial support for additional experiences for our students.

The Warwick PTO does SO much for our school. I feel so very fortunate to work with such a supportive school community. The PTO helps reduce field trip costs, provides reimbursements to teachers for classroom supplies, helps provide additional books for our library (like the new releases from the Reading Olympics list each year), additional laptops for our classrooms, and supports numerous family events including our Family Fun Picnic and various Warwick Night Outs. In sum, they are amazing! And it is due to your continued support and generosity.

The Race has been so successful that we have used the proceeds to fund TWO years of our PTO budget. This means we only "actively" fundraise every other year and fund TWO years worth of support. We plan on continuing this successful practice in the 15-16 school year.

Additionally, I have been working with our Student Council and we are interested in replacing one of our pieces of playground equipment. Through our work (including iPad photography and data collection of playground elements) we have found a piece we are really interested in purchasing. The target piece is around $35,000, some of which we already have ear-marked through PTO funds. To help us raise the remaining funds, there will be a Designer Bag Bingo evening in the Spring. As I understand it, these are increasing in popularity and can be quite fun. Needless to say I don't have much personal experience with it - but those that do speak very highly of the events! The proceeds from this event will go directly to our playground efforts and are completely separate from the Race for Ed purposes and funds.

In the fall I am hopeful I can share more about the numbers because I want to make sure you understand why we are holding two active fundraisers in one year. I look forward to the year ahead and working with our new PTO board to continue to serve this school community.

Mr. Watters

Races From Past Years

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Our Target Piece

This piece has some new overhead elements - which our data shows we need more of on our playground. This piece can also connect (through floating stones) to other playground pieces we already have on our playground.

We get to choose the overhead elements and the elements along the sides of the more traditional piece (left front). In all, we have around 10 decisions to make in designing our piece for the future. The Bag Bingo's sole purpose is to raise the additional funds needed to finish the funding of the playground piece. Our target install date is the summer of 2016 and will replace the central most piece in our current playground. The dimensions of this piece also fit perfectly with the space available after subtracting required fall zones.

The kids are I are pretty excited about making decisions about the 10 elements, and the potential of adding this to our playground in the future.

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9/11 Heroes Run

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Library Newsletter for June

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Upcoming Events....................

June 11

  • 6th Grade Trip to Highpoint

June 12th

  • 6th Grade Kickballl, 12:30-3:30, Staff vs. students at 2:30
  • Yearbooks distributed today

June 17th

  • Move up day, 9:30
  • 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony @ 6:30

June 18th

  • Parent Portal opens at 9:00 AM
  • Last Day of School, Early Dismissal @ 12:25
  • Spirit Day, Beach Day, Wear flip-flops

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