By Aiden J. Edge

Hi my name is Aiden, and I am going to tell you some facts about Oklahoma. Oklahoma's abbreviation is O.K. and its nickname is the sooner state.It has a population of 3,751,351.

Here are some facts about Oklahoma

The Map

In the state of Oklahoma there are about 53 states and the capital is Oklahoma city ,O.K.

Oklahoma is the 46 and it became one on November 16 ,1907

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What Does The Flag Look Like

It Looks Like This

Oklahoma's History

The land that makes up Oklahoma was added to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and over 30 Indian tribes had been moved from what had been the Indian Territories. One exciting event was the Oklahoma land rush. People stated at the starting line and people rushed to claim a piece of land before someone else

Fun Things to See and Do

There are so many thing to see and do in Oklahoma like visit a museum and see Turmer Falls or go zip lining or go hot-air ballooning.

The State Flower

The rose

The State tree

Cercie Canadensis

The State Rock

Rose rock

The State fish

White Bass

The State Song

"Oklahoma"(sorry I couldn't get a picture)

The State Motto

The state motto is "labor conkers everything".
That is what I know about Oklahoma.Now watch this video! :)
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