Endangered Mountain Gorillas

And what we can do to save them

By Nicholas Baer


Eastern Gorilla's are commonly found in the Congo and Rwanda, and they have the population of only 720, earning them a name on the list of critically endangered species. Of any other primates or gorillas, Eastern Gorillas have the longest arms and have very shortest hair and teeth. They have been living in Africa for thousands of years.


Poachers and Habitat Loss

The two main reasons that these animals are endangered are because of poachers and the loss of their habitat. Poachers go into Virguna National Park (illegally) in the Congo to kill gorillas for their meat to sell them. The reasons for habitat loss for these gorillas is due to the woods being taken for resources to sell, and because in increase for a need in farmland. As a result, the Virguna National Park was established to protect these gorillas as well as other endangered species. The link below does a great job describing the dangers to Mountain Gorillas.

Conservation Efforts

There are many different groups that are concerned about the Mountain Gorilla. If it were not for the mountain gorilla conservation fund, they would have gone extinct. in 1987 only 248 mountain gorillas existed. the article below gives a detailed history of the mountain gorilla's existence.


The impact that mountain gorilla's have is very significant in its African Mountain ecosystem. It is one of the most lethal and powerful predators in the ecosystem. If this species were to become extinct, other species and habitats could possibly become endangered. Due to the human civil unrest in their habitat, poaching has come to a greater importance. They affect the economy in Rwanda and the Congo because of how much they are worth for food and trade. If they go extinct, there will be a serious change and unrest in the African ecosystem.

The link below is how you can help: donate money or take action in your government to have this animals.


This video shows just how endangered this species is, and why they have become so. It gives a great view of Virguna National Park in Rwanda, and how people courageously fight to save these gorillas.
Africa's endangered mountain gorillas - 25 Sep 07

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