ITC 5720 Grant Resource Map

April Davala


My school district is very small consisting of 3 elementary schools, 2 intermediate schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. While conducting research on grant writing for my district, I realized we do not have grant writing team, protocols, or even workshops that are offered. Therefore, I had to take another approach and locate research outside of my school district. Below are my findings :)

Grants.Gov was a useful website where I was able to learn more about the grant process and also conduct a search for grants available in the education field related to professional development opportunities. When I narrowed my search down, I was able to locate 21 results related to my search. Once I began to read through the grants, I found myself overwhelmed by all the jargon. I wasn't even sure if I understood most of it myself. I'm feeling a little nervous to propose one myself.

Learning and Leadership Grants

The NEA Foundation provides grants on a revolving state for its members who are seeking to improve themselves through leadership and professional development opportunities. I found this resource to more approachable and possibly a grant I would be willing to attempt applying for in relation to my project.

Grant Proposal Assessment Tool

I found this tool helpful in terms of checking your grant against before submitting it. What would be the likelihood of your grant being accepted.