The Great Auk

By Landon Belcher

Mass Extinction

Mass extinction is when an entire species of animals die in a short amount of time. Three possible mass extinction causes are meteorite, climate change, and diseases.

The Great Auks Description

The great auk is an animal that has been extinct for over 172 years (1844). The great auk became extinct because of hunters looking for their feathers to make pillows and sell them for money. They had wings but could not fly so they mostly traveled by swimming and walked with it's small legs; they are closely related to a penguin.Their scientific name is Pinguinus Impennis. He is approximately 2.75 feet tall and about 11 lbs, it looks like the penguin but a little bigger.

The Great Auk's Location

The great auk lived in the cold coast of Canada, North East of United States, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe islands, Ireland, Great Britain, France, and Northern Spain.

The Great Auk's Diet

The Great Auk is a carnivore because they mostly ate fish but, sometimes they would eat birds up to half it's size; they are found most of its food in shallow waters. They seem to have preferred fish with high fat content.

The Great Auk's Enemies and Defence

The Great Auk's enemies is the Okra, the White Tailed Eagle, and Polar Bears. The Great Auk got killed easy because it had no defenses.

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