A Wrinkle In Time

By: Madeleine L' Engle

Review Of Book

I thought the book was very interesting, if you are in to science fiction and suspense this is a great book for you.

I also thought the book was very detailed, in a way that explains everything that is going on.

Favorite Passage

"Look!" Charles Wallace said suddenly. "they're skipping and bouncing in rhythm! Everyone's doing it at exactly the same moment."

This was so. As the skipping rope hit the pavement, so did the ball. As the rope curved over the head of the jumping child, the child with the ball caught the ball. Down came the ropes. Down came the balls. Over and over again. Up. Down. All in rhythm. All identical. Like the houses. Like the paths. Like the flowers.

Character Poem

Charles Wallace

Short, Blonde, Freckles

Albert Einstein

Probing, Studying, Questioning

In his mind

He is really smart