Interacting with Native Americans

Who were the Native Americans?

Native Americans, also called the American Indians, were the first people to settle and live in America. They soon had encounters with the English, French, and Spanish people who soon took over America.

Native Americans and English

The Indians had mixed feelings about the arrival of the English in 1607. The English settled in Jamestown, where Indians had lived before them. Their first reaction was based off of what had happened with them and the Spanish. The Natives attacked an English ship before it even landed.

Native Americans and the Spanish

The Spanish wanted to enrich themselves with the New World’s natural resources. They tried to convert many Natives to their religion, and they also went on a rampage and killed several Natives.

Native Americans and the French

The French were the first Europeans with who Wisconsin Indians made contact with. They established the colony of Quebec in Canada in 1608 and quickly developed economic and political relationships with many Indian groups in the St. Lawrence River valley and the Great Lakes.

The Effect of the Europeans...

The Europeans made a huge impact on the Native Americans when they settled. They had an iffy relationship until the Europeans "kicked them out" of their land.

What were the results of the European and Native American interaction?

The Europeans took over the Natives land, and fought many wars, to create present day America.