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Reading Programs at Stewart's Creek

Six Flags Read to Succeed Program

Please remember to log in or create a new account to register your students for the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program. Click here for the link. If you have at least one student participate then you will also receive a free ticket to the park.

I Mustache You to Read!

The library is having a separate reading incentive program called I Mustache You to Read: 8 is Great in addition to the Six Flags program. Teachers do not need to do anything. Students have the option of participating and their parents are responsible for going online to complete the google form stating that their child has read 8 hours each month. Please encourage your students to read every night and participate in this program. Also, thank you to those of you who are leading by example and participating in the program alongside our students....I love it!

Library Contest for the month of January

Thank you for participating in our library contest this month. Who could imagine that our library held so many books! The correct amount of books in our collection is 8939. Congratulations to Maureen Miller on guessing the closest to that answer. Mrs. Honsinger came in close at second place. A 5th grade student, Kendall, and her family attended Literacy Night and they guessed the answer closest to the actual amount and won some board games to enjoy!

February Family Library Events

Students and their families are invited to fill out a heart with the title of the book that they love the most. As always, I would like teachers and staff to lead by example so please stop by when you have a moment and participate in this activity. Thank you in advance!

*Also, stop by and take a look at the "Blind Date With a Book" display next week. Books will be wrapped up and brave students willing to take a chance will check out a book without knowing what they have selected. Fun!

There's an app for that!

Have you ever wanted to use a photo of a fun classroom activity without showing the faces of your students? Check out the app Touch Blur. I have it and I love it. It is very user friendly and it's free! Let me know if you have an app for this purpose that you like.

Black History Month at Stewart's Creek Library

There are many titles in our library that support teaching Black History Month at Stewart's Creek. The following are some examples:

African-Americans in the Old West by Tom McGowen and Black stars in orbit : NASA's African American astronauts by Khephra Burns and William Miles. There are also many biographies in our collection that highlight the accomplishments of some very famous individuals including Martin Luther King, Mae Jemison, and Booker T. Washington. Please let me know if you need me to pull any materials for you.

And for those of you who just love to read a great, short article....

I ran across this blog and had to share it for those of you who choose to take a minute and read it. This teacher/blogger writes about the importance of reading aloud to students ( a passion of mine) and how to incorporate reading aloud into instructional time. It's a very short article and has good advice. Click here to read it. Bonus: she includes instant downloads - Discussion Cards and a Read Aloud Planning Guide!

About Mrs. Fisanick

Please let me know how I can help you. Would you like to collaborate on a lesson, co-teach, have me suggest how to incorporate technology into your unit or pull materials for you? Just let me. It's my job! I am also willing to run up to another school or the public library if they have what you need, all you have to do is ask.