South Dakota made by :Makayla

Mount Rushmore

Nature's Treasures

South Dakota has rich soil. South Dakota's rich soil is good for farming. In South Dakota black hills have gold. Silver is also found in the black hills. I like gold do you?

Traders and Trapers


People hunted big animals like buffalos. In 1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led explorers to South Dakota. Traders and trappers headed west and the state they came to was called South Dakota. They built trading posts in South Dakota. A trading post is a store. They sell fish, fishing poles, ropes, blankets, hats and belts. The people had to pay money to buy things in the store.

The Land

The Missouri River floes from north to south. The East River is an area that has grassy prairies, wild flower blossoms, prairie dogs, skunks and coyotes.

Things to do and see

If you visit South Dakota you will see Indians dancing. If you like to go outside you will like the National Park in South Dakota. The National Park is very colorful. In the National Park you can hike up rocks and see prairie dogs too.