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Barracudas are strong,meat eating,respect worthy fish.

Barracudas live in different parts of the ocean.

They are big and they come in many different colors.

They eat many kinds of prey, even prey bigger than them selves.

Obviously,Barracudas are one of the most dangerous fish in the ocean.


Do you know where the Barracuda live?

The Barracuda live in all of the oceans around the word like the Atlantic,IndIan and west Pacific.They live in warm, southern, tropical waters.They can live in different parts of the ocean near coral reefs,in the open seas,in shallow water and up to the depth of 325 feet.

The most important thing is that Barracudas need to stay in warm water.


Do you know what the Barracuda looks like ? It might surprise you!

They can be black,brown,blue or gray in color.Their belly is white to disguise, so their prey cannot see them. Next,there are twenty different species of barracuda world wide. Also,their bodies are elongated with a pointed head and a tail fin shaped like a fork. Last of all, Pacific Barracuda may grow up to a length of 6 feet. They can weigh up to 103 pounds.

Barracudas have many different disguises to help them swim for their prey.


Do you know what the Barracuda eats? It might shock you…there is a lot of fish that the Barracuda consumes.

some of the most important facts about the Barracuda is it's diet. First, the Barracuda feeds on killifish,snappers,grunts,herring,tuna,mullets,anchovies and jacks. They eat those fish by biting them in half. Also, they can kill and consumes prey that is bigger than them. Next,Barracudas fight needle fish and sometimes dolphins for prey. It is also very rare for a Barracuda to attack a human. Finally,Barracudas are one of the toughest fish in the ocean,so watch out for it!


Barracudas are important creatures to help the balance of nature in the ocean.

All the ocean that Barracuda lives in is tropic,southern waters.

In fact, Barracuda hare features to set them apart from other sea creatures,for example the great white shark,jacks,needle fish and even dolphins.

Watch out anchovies,groupers and jacks.You better hide from the Barracuda before it bites you in half. Last of all,the Barracuda is a fearsome predator.


coral reef-A living environment for fish to live in.

elongated-To make or grow larger.

grunts-A type of bluish/grayish fish that is most abundant in water less than 80 feet.

jacks-A fish that live in temperate and tropical portions of the ocean.

mullets- A type of fish found near Hawaii,Florida,Texas and Australia.

species-A class of individuals having common attributes.


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