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January 2019


Want to tell someone, "thanks"? You can just e-mail me who you want to thank and what you want to say, or you can use this document. Either make a copy and share it back with me or print it and bring it to Tracy or me in the library. No anonymous shout-outs, please. Shout-Outs start next Friday, September 7!

New Reader for eBooks and Audiobooks

Ever used Overdrive at the public library? Check out Sora, the sister app to Overdrive. Students (and staff) can read eBooks and listen to audiobooks for free! I've purchased a couple of audiobooks to trial (Battle of the Books titles and few other popular titles), but I'm happy to get more if students use them.

Here's the extra cool part...because it's an Overdrive product, Sora can link to both Adams 12 libraries and our local public libraries! I link to Anythink Libraries, Denver Public Libraries, and the High Plains Library District, too. And, I can search all of those plus Adams 12 with a single search. (The only downside is you can only search Juvenile and YA titles, so I keep Libby--another Overdrive app--for other titles.) Here's a direct link, but it's also in the menu on the library website. http://bit.ly/AD12eBooks

Create a Comment Bank in Google Classroom

Tired of typing the same things over and over when you comment on papers turned in through Google Classroom? Now, you can create a comment bank and re-use those comments. Check out how in the video below. This was one of the summer changes, so you may have already noticed it!

Turn Any Text into a Voice Recording

Voicepods is a cool website that will turn any text into a voice recording. There are probably lots of reasons you could use this, but the blog I follow talked about using it in editing. Have students copy and paste papers into Voicepod to hear it read back to them...it's easy to miss mistakes when staring at the same paper over and over, but hearing it will let you see the errors you've overlooked. I used to do peer editing with my students that were "side by side" and "face to face". When face to face, students would read their work aloud to their partner, and that often caught lots of mistakes or helped the kids find better ways to say things. Check out how it works below, and get more info here.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. You can easily create beautiful images and videos (and webpages) in no time. I recently used this in English classes with students creating videos. Compared to the other tools we used, this was by far the most simple to use. You can use your own photos in projects, or upload from their large library of free photos. Music is built in and organized by the "feel" of the music, but you can also upload music from your own. Bensound is a great place to get royalty free music for projects.

There are also iOS Apps. (Android is coming soon.) What's awesome about the apps is you can start on the computer and continue on the app (or vice versa). I created a video using the website with my own photos, and I recorded voiceover using my iPhone app. It's all saved in the cloud, so it was all there when I got back to my computer.

Here's an example of what a finished video looks like. With Adobe Spark post, you can create photos, flyers, and more that you can then print or post on your website or social media. Want more ideas? Ten Ways to Use Adobe Spark in Schools

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Our Library Website

Our library website is under "Learning Resources" on the MRHS home page. If you're new to The Mountain, check it out. There are lots of resources, sites, and tools for both students and staff! We have access to many great databases, and it's all available for use off campus, too! You just need to log in. I also purchase a variety of tech tools for student use. Those databases, tech tools, and places to get free to use photos/music can all be found on the new Library Links page.

Digital Literacy Partnership

If you ever hear anyone mention the Digital Literacy Partnership (or the DLP), that's me! Across the district, there are Digital Literacy Teacher Librarians or Digital Literacy Teachers in every school. Our job is to support teachers and help our students with information literacy, digital literacy, and technology!

I am available to collaborate and plan with you, co-teach a lesson, work with individual students or groups that need more help, or whatever else you need! I'm happy to come to department or common course meetings or sit down with you individually anytime!

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