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April 30, 2021

Brand New Books Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You!

Is anyone else thinking of summer yet? I know I am, mostly to get rid of these nasty seasonal allergies!

To keep everyone reading over the summer, Coloma Elementary has enrolled our elementary students in the Kids Read Now (KRN) program. This is a non-profit company that supplies books to children all summer long!

Your child’s teacher sat with each student and created a wish list helping them choose books that piqued their individual interests. We are hoping that your student told you a little about that. I know that some of them even got to use a MARKER to circle all the books they wanted. That is a pretty big deal when a teacher hands you a marker and says, “Let's pick out 8 free books together!” I personally got to help out in the Young 5’s room and it made me reminisce about circling toys I wanted for Christmas from the J.C. Penny’s holiday catalog!

For more information on Kids Read Now and this awesome program please visit.

Be on the lookout for your first book arriving in JUNE!

Mrs. Vanderboegh

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School Social Work Scene

Lory's Place 5K Run Walk Rock

Saturday, September 11, 2021

In 2012 Coloma Community Schools began our partnership with Lory’s Place (a free Grief Healing and Education Center for Children and Families, located in St. Joseph). Lory's Place grief support groups are regularly scheduled sessions here in the schools that bring children together who are grieving after the death of a family member or friend. These sessions are open not only to our students who attend sessions at Lory's Place, but also to our students who cannot get to Lory's Place because of transportation problems, work, or schedule conflicts.

A great way for us to give back each year to this organization that provides so much to our students and families is by participating in the Lory’s Place annual 5K Run, Walk, or Rock. This year there is even a 5k Run or 5K Walk virtual option available.

Donations and participation in this event make it possible for Lory's Place to keep providing its unique variety of programs and services such as our own grief support groups that meet monthly right here at Coloma Elementary. All of the programs and services at Lory’s Place are available at no charge. That means that no child or adult is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. Several of our staff members have participated in the 5K, both competitively and non-competitively, for a number of years.

We invite you to join us in supporting Lory’s Place and the important work that they do for our children. Hope to see you at the 5K!

❤ ~Mrs. DeMercado, School Social Worker

Make New Friends

Make New Friends is a 4-part virtual series that provides opportunities to girls to strengthen key competencies as they enter kindergarten and first grade. Your little girl is about to take a BIG step! Naturally, you want to do everything you can to prepare her to start kindergarten and first grade with confidence. That’s where Girl Scouts comes in—our series allows her to connect with the same friends each week, as well as Girl Scouts staff and volunteers who lead her through sessions around language & literacy, cognition, approaches to learning, and more! RSVP here: Sign up for Make New Friends today!

Becoming Me

Your story is your power—get ready to unleash it this spring! Girl Scouts is partnering with former First Lady Michelle Obama for a new program, Becoming Me, through which girls will earn badges, explore who they want to become with journaling activities, and join their Girl Scout sisters for a national virtual event with Mrs. Obama on Thursday, May 6. Join or renew your membership by April 30 to claim your spot! Mrs. Obama knows what it means to find her voice and become more than she ever thought possible, and through the program, girls will unlock the power of their unique stories and embark on their journey to becoming their best selves. The Becoming Me program series is provided at no additional cost to Girl Scout members and is available to girls in grades K-12. Financial assistance is available to assist with the cost of membership, if needed. Learn more about this opportunity at

Cub Scout Opportunity

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From Our Food Service Department

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Symptoms Reminder

In accordance with Board of Education policies, our Return to Learn plans and direction from local, state, and federal health officials, if your student has any of the following symptoms, you must keep them home from school.

  • Temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher

  • Sore throat

  • An uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing

  • The onset of a severe headache

  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting

  • Unusual belly pain

  • New loss of taste or smell

Based on Board policies and written guidance from local, state, and federal health official, in order for your child to return to school after experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, a parent/guardian must provide the school with:

A negative COVID-19 test result


A doctor’s note releasing the student to attend school


Exclude from Coloma Community Schools for ten (10) days from the first day they had symptoms. They must also be fever free for 24 hours and/or their symptoms have improved after the ten (10) day exclusion period before they can return.

Reading At Home

Encouraging students to read at home is so important. We recommend creating a routine of reading (or reading to a child) at least 20 minutes a day. Take a look at the graphic below to see the impact of that routine.
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Dropping Off and Picking Up Reminder

When dropping off or picking up your student in the car rider lane, we ask that you:
  • Pull all the way forward so that we can unload/load as many students as possible. This will make the process more smooth and efficient.
  • Do not attempt to make a left turn into the car rider lane. Traffic is often backed up down S. West St. for drivers making a righthand turn into the lane. Instead, join the back of the line and make the righthand turn.

A safe and smooth process is our priority. Thank you for your support!

Late Start Wednesday

Don't forget that we have a late start on Wednesday, May 5,
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24 Hour Rule

When it comes to responding to calls, emails, or messages Coloma Elementary staff follows the "24 hour rule." In other words, we will make every effort to respond within 24 hours. We often do so before that, but sometimes our schedules can get busy. We appreciate your understanding.

Mask Care

Students have been given two face masks from their teacher. Per our Safe Return to School Plan reusable face masks must be washed daily. Please help us in our efforts to keep our students and staff healthy and safe!

School Messenger

Communication is a priority for all Coloma staff. We use SchoolMessenger to share information electronically with our families. Over the last few months we have received feedback from parents that they are not receiving emails with important messages, reminders, and newsletters. If you find yourself in that group, please reach out to our office staff to make sure we have a current email address in PowerSchool. If we have the correct email address, then the situation is that the parent may have changed their settings to have our emails blocked. If you would like to fix that, our office staff can help you with that too.

CARE Expectations

Coloma Elementary's schoolwide expectations for student behavior follow the acronym CARE. It stands for:
  • Come ready to learn
  • Always responsible
  • Respectful
  • Exceptionally safe

Expectations for the hallway, bathrooms, cafeteria, playground, arrival, and dismissal are posted throughout the school. We teach the expectations and review them throughout the school year. Students also earn CARE tickets when they follow the expectations. The office does a ticket drawing where students pick a prize from the CARE Box.

Stay Connected!

How can you stay connected to what's happening at Coloma Elementary?
  • Follow us on Facebook.
  • Make sure the office has your email address on file so we can communicate via SchoolMessenger.
  • Read the Comet Chronicle, Jr. (twice a month).
  • Read your classroom newsletter.

Box Tops

Check out how you can support our school through Box Tops for Education!