ocean environment

positive and negative affects on the ocean environment

5 ways human have a negatively affect on the ocean.

1. When there is boats traveling with oil there could be an oil spill causing it to go into the ocean making it an unsafe area for the wild life near the area.

2. All lot of people like to fish but have you every thought that we have be over fishing, yes the fact that we have been fishing fish to extinction.

3. Do you know where all the trash go when you through it outside, will it gets pick up by run off/ running water and carried into the ocean causing pollution that makes it toxic for fish to breath.

4. When you go fish, surfing, or swimming you don't know this but you are interrupting there environment causing fishes to hind in fear.

5. in the distance do you see the factories in the ocean while they are drills digging into the reef where most of the fish live and we make them leave because we destroy their homes.

5 ways humans have a positively affect on the ocean

1. With all of the ships at the bottom of the sea most of them make great homes for all of the plants and fishes that live in it.

2. Most of the factories in the ocean provide co2 that the plants need to make most of the air that we man and animals need to breath.

3. Also with all of these stuff going on we need jobs, yes with these thing we need people to help us contain the problems with us and the ocean.

4. Now in this time we get to learn more about the ocean and the areas that are safe for us and the wild life in that area to do what we need to do by helping the ocean.

5. Now you know what we need to do to protect the ocean for us and the wild life that need the ocean to survive.