Bengal Tiger


Where are they found? In what habitats?

They are usually found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. They had originated in India in about 1970. They usually are found in habitats that are in mangroves. They are usually around Sundarbans, located between Bangladesh and India. They survive in the forest of the mangrove.

Total Population

There are said to be 2,500 Bengal Tigers left around the Sundarbans.


These tigers face a severe loss of prey like deer and antelopes. As these tigers lose their place to stay, the humans are allowing them to become extinct. We are taking over their land and their habitats making it harder for them to find an area to stay. People used to hunt and trade the animal fur for money or for resources that they needed in an earlier life.

What is the World Wildlife Fund doing?

They are strengthening antipoaching efforts. This means that they are trying to gather information from places about tiger crimes to strengthen the power. They are wanting to protect these animals and make everyone aware of what we are doing. They are collecting pieces of local tiger crimes to operate an awareness to be put on the local tv news. They are empowering communities to influence people to stop starting forest fires and to stop using the wood for fuelwood. Lastly they are stopping illegal wildlife trade. They are wanting people to stop killing the tigers and selling them for resources.