Mendenhall Principal's Newsletter

February 2018

National History Day is here!

Exhibit Night is Wednesday, Feb. 7th, with all 7th grade projects in the Multipurpose Room and all 8th grade projects in the library. Come out, enjoy the lovely weather and see the projects, websites, documentaries, and more from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

The Mendenhall History Day Competition is Wednesday, Feb. 14th, in which judges determine the projects that move forward to the county competition in March. It is an exciting time!
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PTSA Officers are needed for 2018-2019

Get involved and support Mendenhall by becoming an officer on next year's PTSA Board. For more information, check the website.
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Parent Resources

Teen Depression
According to, one in five teens is affected by depression. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2015 3 million kids ages 12 -- 17 experienced a major depressive episode in the past year. Depressed kids are more likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs and are at greater risk for suicide. Symptoms of depression may include sensitivity to criticism and outbursts of anger, sadness, headaches or stomachaches, changes in sleep or eating habits, lower grades, and withdrawal from people and activities. If you have concerns, has created a free online-only Kids and Depression guide at

Conversation Starters for Talking with your Teen (from the flyer put out by MADD)
1. Connect
  • "Let's eat dinner together tonight."
  • "How about helping me wash the car?"
  • "What's bothering you? Did something happen at school today?"
2. Educate
  • "Alcohol is especially dangerous for young people, and here's why . . . "
  • "I love you and want you to be safe, so you need to wait until you're 21 to drink."

3. Be a role model

  • "No thanks. I'll drink tea with my dinner. I am driving."

4. Encourage

  • "I see you put a lot of effort into this!"
  • "Thanks for putting away the groceries!"
  • "You brought the car home early. Good job!"

5. Monitor

  • "What are your plans for Saturday night?"
  • "Who will you be with?"
  • "How can I reach your friend's parents?"

6. Enforce

  • "By missing curfew, you lost (car/video/phone/etc.) privileges this week."

On Track for 8th Grade Promotion?

This trimester is important for eighth grade eligibility to attend the 8th grade field trip and promotion dance. Students who fail any class T2 will not be able to participate in either event and may be expected to attend summer school. Help your child to stay focused on the important things – doing homework, paying attention in class, and maintaining organization. Study habits developed now will help them the rest of their lives. Students who have 3 or more D’s and/or one or more F’s at this progress point have been assigned to Lunchtime Study Hall to help them get focused.

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Congratulations to . . .

  • The Mendenhall Band, Advanced Band and Jazz Band for an outstanding concert on Wed., Jan. 24th. It was a swinging good time!
  • The Mendenhall Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra and Choir for an incredible concert on Wed., Jan. 31st. Our young musicians are advancing beautifully!
  • Our amazing Mendenhall Mathletes for their performance in the Livermore Math Counts Competition! Seventh & 8th grade Mendenhall students took 6 of the

    10 top spots in the individual competition: Tyler Eaton (10), Shunsuke Sakagami (9), Yoav Feigenbaum (8), Anusri Saraf (5), Liam Manley (2), and Daniel Thinfen (1). Our sixth graders took two of the top five spots: Shaurya Guleria (3) and Prisha Sheth (2). Our sixth grade teams took second and third place in the competition: 3rd place team of Alex Melcher, Gregory Mayhew, and Elisha Therene; and 2nd place team of Prisha Sheth, Euleena Trinh, Alyssa Eaton, and Claire Sahn. And our seventh & eighth grade teams took all three top spots: 3rd place team of Tyler Eaton, Jacob Koelle-Pittel, Emily Lu, and Jacques Grove; 2nd place team of Adam Sahn, Anusri Saraf, Palak Guleria, and Yoav Feigenbaum; and 1st place team of Daniel Thinfen, Liam Manley, Daphne Yan, and Clarissa Cheung. We are so proud of you!

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Happy February!

Please know that we appreciate your support and value your commitment to your child's/children's education.
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