Hurricane Ike

Leaving a trail of Death and Destruction

Government Response

The government's response was fairly well. The governor of the state of Texas issued Emergency Disaster Proclamation in 2008, and was renewed during the wake of the hurricane in early 2009. November 2008 announcement from the governor of Texas, Rick Perry; "Gov. Rick Perry today announced the creation of the Governor’s Commission for Disaster Recovery and Renewal, an advisory panel of public and private sector experts who will create a plan to assist Texas communities with recovery efforts after a natural disaster." The government did work hard to help people in need and to restore damaged homes, personal belongings, and properties.

Hurricane Ike affected many people, and left many stranded, hopeless, and even homeless. It was a hard time for the citizens. Ike hit Texas, Mississippi, Florida Keys, Cuba, and Louisiana. 195 were killed. To restore the damaged and to help the helpless, over $29 billion dollars were spent.

People should be aware of how terrible hurricanes affect citizens. People are forced out of their houses. They have to leave their belongings behind. They have to put their own lives as their number one priority. Some don't know if they will ever have their home back, they may not know if they will survive the horrific event, they may not know if they will ever see their loved ones again.