Theme Book Study

Book A (Boy In the Striped Pajamas)

How does Book A address the question?

Book A addresses the question because it shows how Bruno is affected by what everyone says. When he talks to Shmuel he sees how skinny and mistreated he is. Shmuel also talks about not getting enough food and being very dirty. But when he talks to his father he gets a different view on people on the other side of the fence. His father says that they should be put in there for a reason. Bruno is left to figure out what is right and wrong by talking to people on the other side.

I chose quote 3 because it shows when he sees the real truth. “In fact everywhere he looked, all he could see was two different types of people either happy,laughing,shouting soldiers in their uniforms or unhappy,crying people in their striped pajamas”. After walking in he saw how much people were there and how little food there really is. He also noticed how bad they were treated from the soldiers and that they were not laughing with the people but at them.

Book B (Red Queen)

Red Queen answers how people are transformed by relationships with others because it gives a good example, like before Mare met Cal she thought there were no good silvers and that they were all snotty and that they didn't care about anyone but themselves. After Cal gives Mare the silver coin and tried to stop Mare from stealing anymore she realizes not all silvers are bad "When a silver coin spins through the air I barely have the wits to catch it" 'No, but I want to make sure you keep your hands to yourself for the rest of the night'. Once Mare becomes Mareena she sees that some silvers can be caring to reds. After joining the scarlet guard and seeing how many reds are involved she realizes how much there risking to help. When Maven betrays her that's when she truly understands "anyone can betray anyone".

Book C (Across the Universe)

Across the Universe answers the question because if Orion hadn't showed Elder the maps of the ship he wouldn't have had asked Eldest about them and wouldn't have gotten new information about the bottom of the ship. After Elder meets Amy he realizes how beautiful she is with her fiery red hair and pale skin he sees how valuable the cargo really is and how much he needs to protect them. Eldest also tells him about drugging the ship with phydus, realizing how much it changed Amy he doesn't want anyone else going through it "Do I really want to rule without phydus?Then I think about Amy's eyes when she was drugged." Another thing that transforms him is seeing real stars instead of fake ones after seeing them he never wanted to get to the new earth faster. Seeing the truth about the ship and meeting Amy transforms him into seeing that he really does need to take care of Godspeed.
Sleeping at Last - Saturn (Lyric Video)

Song Sleeping at Last - Saturn

I think this song answers the question because it tells how whoever was close to him died and explained something that meant to him. You taught me the courage, of stars before you left.

"How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist"
( Sleeping At Last - Saturn Lyrics | MetroLyrics ).

It transformed the person and they remembered that saying and past it down before they died.

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How does the picture represent the question?

This picture represents how people are transformed by their relationships with others because it shows how it takes one person (or in this case a penguin) to have change. It also looks like the other penguins are going to jump into the water it was just because it took one to do something different.

Gay marriage

Gay marriage answers the question because many people were transformed by their relationships with others. This is something that recently happened on June 26th 2015 many people got transformed by this discision because they finally got to be who they were. Girls could finally marry girls and guys could marry guys people could accept them and they could accept themselves to come out to family members, get married, and finally be happy.
Freedom to Marry: Celebrating Victory

How does this relate to my life?

When I was in 3rd grade my sister joined the air force which led to a lot of changes. I had been with my sister as long as I could remember if I needed her she was always there. My best memories were when we had photoshoots in leaf piles, on our boat or in the snow. Once she was gone I had to get used to doing more things by myself. I was transformed by not having my sister around always.

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