Terrestrial Planets

By: Heidi Protic

Distance from the sun

Mercury is 35.98 million miles away from the Sun

Venus is 67.24 million miles away from the Sun

Mars is 141.6 million miles away from the Sun.

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Structural Characteristics

Mercury has a metallic core, and a brittle crust.

Venus has carbon dioxide sulfuric clouds.

Mars core is made of iron.

Length of days and years

Mercury's full day is 1,408 hours and a year is 88 days

Venus's full day is 5,832 hours a day and a year is 224.7 days

Mars's full day is 25 hours a day and a year is 687 days

Atmosphere Conditions

Mercury is hot, and to small to retain a atmosphere

Venus is composed of carbon dioxide and some nitrogen

Mars is mainly carbon monoxide

Surface Characteristics

Mercury is a large version of the moon

Venus has a burning landscape with volcanos

Mars has a red color surface and canals from the crust splitting

Name origins

Mercury is the messenger of the gods

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty

Mars is the roman god of war