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Friday 10th December 2021

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This week in school

What a busy 'compassionate' kind of week!

One of our school values is compassion. Whether they are dressing up in Christmas jumpers to raise money for charity, looking after their friends when they are upset, helping someone struggling with a maths problem or holding the door open for a teacher who has heavy bags to carry - your children show compassion all day long at school and I couldn't be more proud of them for it.

One of our beloved staff members has broken her leg. I won't name her because she'll be embarrassed if I do. However, although she could easily be sitting at home with her leg up, she has chosen to come back to school with a heavy pot / boot on her leg. She wasn't in the building two minutes before Mrs Butler decorated her boot with tinsel and lots of staff members stopped her to ask her if she was ok and was there anything they could do to help her? She was offered everything from a wheelchair to a fireman's lift!

We have had some new children in school who have had a traumatic arrival to the UK. You have showered them with generosity and kindness. You have also showered the school with thanks and praise for keeping going the best we could during the last two challenging years.

Ours is a school filled with people who are lovely and kind and compassionate to others. What a wonderful way to shine. What a wonderful place to be.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs R - Proud Headteacher

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Whole School Attendance


That's below target attendance but it is an improvement on last week - and there's no wonder it isn't quite where it should be at the moment!

However - an amazing 318 children had 100% attendance this week.

An amazing 88 children have had 100% attendance this year so far. (This figure has gone up due to admitting new children to school!)

Happy Birthdays!

Many many many many happy returns this week to.....

Mrs Butler, Archie Hill, Katelyn Major, Cuinn Stubbs, Oscar Miller, Teagan Dos Santos, Frankie Clowrey, Freddie Wilson, Macey Lamb

This week in classrooms

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Our school values

These are Compassion, Thankfulness, Fellowship, Hope, Humility, Justice and Service. We don't just believe in these values, we live by them every day in school. This week's class work is positively brimming with examples of all our school values - well done everyone!

Nursery - Stars

The children have been amazing this week as we have continued our Christmas theme; we have had a very busy week making lots of pretty things for you to enjoy. The children have enjoyed learning about the Christmas story and acting it out with the small world Nativity set, or even trying on some of the costumes for the Nativity characters themselves. They have also been decorating Christmas trees and have enjoyed learning lots of new Christmas songs.

In phonics we have been using the musical instruments to make up some music to go with the Christmas story and we have also made our own pieces of music to perform to the other children. In maths we have been talking about how numbers tell us how many there are in a set. We have also looked at the number rhyme ‘Five Little Fir Trees’.

Superstar - The Whole Class!

FS - Moon and Mercury

Wow what a busy week we have had! We have been filming our parts in the whole school nativity and the children have been amazing, we definitely have some future actors and singers in the making. It has also been a really crafty kind of week with the children making fabulous Christmas cards and personalised calendars as well as creating their own Christmas trees and designing their own Christmas jumpers. All the children felt strongly that we needed to touch base with Father Christmas this week to see how his preparations for the big day were going so the children decided to write letters to him asking how he was getting on and wishing him a safe journey to Brayton on Christmas Eve

Superstars - Ronnie Spowage, Isla Byrnes

Y1 - Galaxy and Venus

What a busy, festive week we have had in Year 1. We shared the Nativity Story through guided reading using our retrieval and sequencing skills to answer questions and order the story. We have written letters to Father Christmas and investigated doubling and halving amounts in maths. We had lots of fun filming for the whole school nativity and singing/signing 'Away in a Manger'. The children enjoyed their delicious Christmas lunch on Wednesday and looked fantastic wearing their Christmas jumpers today to raise money for 'Save the Children' charity.

Superstars - Benjamin Turner, Isabella Leadbeater

Year 2 / 3 Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune

What an 'explosive' week we have had! We have discovered how to write up our volcano experiment like a real scientist after having another go at mixing vinegar and baking powder with exciting results! We have also worked really hard at writing a recount of our class book 'Pebble in my Pocket'; the children have used exciting similes, and starting phrases as well as technical vocabulary to describe how a pebble is formed over millions of years.

In Maths we have continued to work hard at adding and subtracting from a two or three digit number with exchanging. Despite it being nearly Christmas, the children have persevered with this difficult concept.

In RE we have been thinking about why candles are important to Christians and in French we have learnt how to say, read and write the colours of the rainbow.

Of course, our exciting week has ended with us all looking fabulous in our Christmas jumpers and learning about the wonderful work of 'Save the Children'.

Superstars - Scarlett Mead, Jonah Grafton, Esmae Winterburn

Year 4 Mars and Earth

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Year 4. This week we have been creative with our own choice of adventure story involving a Viking god using the Chrome books. The children have been developing their typing abilities and getting to grips with their editing skills. At the beginning of the week, we made a start on our calendars using brightly coloured wax crayons and our Kandinsky art skills. To conclude our unit of work so we all now know how to train a dragon should we come across one! What an amazing way to end the week and get into the Christmas spirit by wearing our Christmas jumpers to raise money for charity.

Superstars - Luke Toone, Reuben Evans

Year 5 Asteroid and Pluto

Welcoming Mrs Leppington back to school and the Year 5 team, we have been preparing for our whole school Nativity, practising songs and creating images of angels, using vibrant oil pastels. We are all looking forward to watching and taking part in next week's Christmas Service online. This week, we have been reading a variety of bible passages, investigating and interpreting how Jesus is described as the Messiah, the Saviour.

In maths, we are growing in confidence finding the area of regular, and compound shapes. In doing so, we have discovered that some maths calculations involve several steps, logic and perseverance. We have put the finishing touches to our clay Tudor roses, bringing them to life with colour. The end of the week brought fun, with a fantastic variety of colourful and musical Christmas jumpers, and excitement with our popular Christmas chocolate tombola. Everyone a winner!

Superstars - Francesca Nicholson, Edward Thompson

Year 6 Nebular and Constellation

Year 6 have been working to their limit, even so close to Christmas, so well done everyone! In Maths we have been converting imperial and metric units of measure; using these skills for many a word problem and reasoning question. We have also been multiplying and dividing decimals by whole numbers, whilst also incorporating the measurement converting. In English we have completed our explanation text, including labelled diagrams and vast quantities of grammar and punctuation features. In Design Technology, we have been researching, creating and performing analysis of the market and materials, in order to create the very best sundial as possible. We have created our space themed Christmas cards too. We are sure you will be 'over the moon' with them!

Superstars - Madison Turner, Billy Simmonds

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Applications for primary school places.

If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018, applications are open for primary school places in the Reception year for September 2022. Applications should be made online at https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/apply-place-primary-or-secondary-school and the deadline is 15 January 2022.

Extra bee points

10 extra bee points go to:

Best attendance

Green 96%

This week's bee point winners

Green = 610

Congratulations to the Green Hive!

Hive with the most bee points so far this year

So far this year:


Green Hive

Well done - keep it up!

Who has the most hive points so far this year?

Millie Rowan from the green hive is still the child with the most hive points so far.
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