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Family Newsletter: MAY 2020

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Grass Valley Distance Learning Support

Teacher Emails, Office Hours and Daily Class Schedules,

Upcoming Dates

  • May 13 SSC & PTA Meeting (5:45p,
  • May 26 Chromebook Return (Times TBD)
  • May 27 5th Grade Promotion (11a, Zoom link TBD)
  • May 28 Chromebook Return (Times TBD)

Important Reminders

Communication with Teachers/Staff

This is a difficult time for everyone and many of us are experiencing significant anxiety and concern about assuring our basic needs are met. With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to remind you of appropriate communication with all members of our community. As members of the Grass Valley Community, you are expected to communicate:

  • without yelling, profanity or disrespectful language
  • using kindness - assuming best intentions

Contacting Teachers

Teachers are available by email Mondays-Fridays from 8:30-2:45 and will respond within 24 hours. If you have a concern or need support in conversing with another member of the Grass Valley Community, please reach out to Ms. Beckner (

Chromebooks on Loan from Grass Valley

If your Eagle has checked out a Chromebook from Grass Valley during the closure, please support them in treating these tools with care, that means:

  • hold your Chromebook with two hands
  • close your Chromebook before carrying it - don't carry by the screen
  • don't eat/drink near your Chromebook
*If you are in need of tech support, you may call Oakland Tech Exchange (510) 866-2260.

School Site Council (SSC) Meeting

Wednesday, May 13th, 5:45pm

This is an online event.


May SSC Meeting

We will be looking at our final budget and site plan for 2020-2021!

What is SSC?

SSC members and attendees work together with the Principal to make determinations about how we will use our budget. The Council regularly reviews site wide data and determines priorities to support our continued growth.

Everyone is highly encouraged to attend!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

The Grass Valley Way!

Self Regulating with Toolbox!

We are excited to use Toolbox at Grass Valley!

What is Toolbox?

Toolbox is a social-emotional learning curriculum that supports students in building concrete skills to help them self-regulate when escalated (ie. angry, anxious, disappointed).

What can you do at home to continue working on "self-regulation" with your Eagle?

Continue working with your scholar on understanding the Tools we have reviewed at Grass Valley.

+Breathing Tool - "the action of pulling and pushing a measuring tape in and out of its case can be a good way to think about slow, deliberate can help students slow down and self-regulate when they use the Breathing Tool." Ask your scholar:

  • How are you feeling? What are you thinking?
  • How do we then act/feel toward ourselves?
  • How might we feel/react toward others?
  • How can taking a slow deep breath help you when you are struggling?

+Quiet/Safe Place Tool - This tool is about learning to focus on a memory of our safe places, which triggers our body to relax. We ask children to locate both an actual physical place that feels good the them, and to create one in their imaginations that can be visited again and again. We teach them how to "go to" their quiet/safe place in their minds whenever the feel the need for comfort or to reduce stress. Ask your scholar:

  • Talk about your own quiet/safe place
  • Ask your students about theirs
  • Ask your children to explain the Quiet/Safe Place Tool tag line, "I remember my quiet place," and the hand gesture that goes with it
  • During times of stress, suggest that your children use their Quiet/Safe Place Tools

+Listening Tool - Listening with one's heart is the key to strong relationships and conflict resolution. Listening with one’s heart brings empathy. This is most important. When we listen, the rest of the tools work easily. This ability to listen is naturally within each person. When we breathe from a quiet place inside, then listening become easier. Ask your scholar:
  • What does it mean to actively listen?
  • How do you listen with your eyes and heart?
  • How do you feel when others DON'T listen to you? How do you feel when others DO listen to you?
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A bit about Ms. Beckner...

I feel so excited and honored to have the opportunity to lead as a member of the Grass Valley community! This is such a vibrant and tight knit community and I look forward to continuing to get to know the many facets of it. As you get to know me, you will learn that I am very transparent, so please reach out with questions and communicate your needs, so that I can do everything in my control to support you in meeting the needs of the incredible young people we serve.