Water creating electricity

A Hydroelectric power plant

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A watermill

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How hydroelectricity works

There are many ways hydroelectricity, like a watermill or a hydroelectric power plant. The most popular type hydroelectric power plant works by a dam in a river to store water in a reservoir. Water released from the reservoir flows through a turbine, spinning it, activating a generator creating electricity. On the other hand a watermill is powered by running water spinning a wheel generating electricity.

Hydroelectric power plants

If you have ever seen a dam with water coming out don't think the dam is broken because its most likely a hydroelectric power plant. A hydroelectric power plant works by water going through a turbine spinning it forming electricity.

Water mills

If you have ever seen a wheel on the side of a house that's next to a river. If you have than you know what a hydroelectric powered house looks like. The house will have to be right next to a river or any other body of water, or it won't work.

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Examples of hydropower

5 fun facts

-10% of the nations energy is hydroelectric.

-Hydropower generates 20% of the worlds power

-Hydropower is also the main energy source for more than 30 countries

-Hydropower doesn't make any pollution

-Hydropower is the least expensive renewable energy source in the USA