Girls Education Around The World

Zachary, Will, Elyssia, and Charisma

Saying by Malala

"I want to serve people I want every girl and every child to be educated."- Malala

"One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world."-Malala

No Education

How many girls don't get an education around the world?

66 Million Girls

Girls Education

There are many groups around the world working to help the lack of girls education. Such as Girl Up and NGO tries to find harmful things to girls education and tries to solve them. Girl Up is a group that has many teen activist around the country to lead them and help other members in their group. There are 16 of these people that have been chosen bu the United Nations Foundations. One person is Annie Gersh who has helped give other people information about girls education.

Girls Education is not always recognized as a problem. I know this because 66 million girls are out of school and girls are half of the wolds population. They are getting married under the age of 18 or 15 without the education to help their kids. Some countries are losing 90 billion dollars by not education girls and are doing nothing about it. People are not educating girls because the believe it is not important but it is because they are losing money.

Interview with Malala Yousafzai: The importance of girls' education