The Great Egyptians

By Tammie T., Julie V., Christiy W., Susana N.

Geography-Geographer:Tammie .T

For along time Ancient Egypt was divided into two kingdoms, Upper Egypt, and Lower Egypt. Ancient Egypt was located along the banks of the Nile River in Africa. The Egyptians lived in a civilization where a king ruled.

The Egyptians had many natural resources. But the biggest natural resource was Africa's Nile river. The Nile river provided fish,.transportation,and floods in the water that helped make the crops grow. They also had clay to make pottery and other things. They used sphere's to get fish out of the water and used other supplies to make boats to have transportation.

The Ancient Egyptians were geographically lucky because they had the Nile river that provided them with all of the supplies they needed.

There were lots of pyramids and the Sphinx and other things like countries like Sudan, and Libya.

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Julie .v -Archaeology

the Egyptians had many Inventions such as a bag press used to make wine , a wild duck catcher ( to catch wild ducks ) , a pulley to get there water from the river, and there most famous idea was there writing system .

today we use machines like Cains, the pulley , and other machines related to the Egyptian water pulley also we have animal traps related to the wild duck catcher . that made life easier for the people who do construction and people who hunt .

there are many stories and myths of the Egyptions such as Isis for the body of Osiris , the secret power of RA , and the greatest magician in Egypt . they are some of the myths they told.

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anthropologist - christiy w.

Local gods and Personal gods were religious to the people of there civilization. Local gods were worshiped by Ancient Egyptians in towns and villages. Personal gods were worshiped by families and groups. The Ancient Egyptians were advanced by buildings and tools that they made, cutting hard stones which they so frequently work on . Some buildings they build were pyramids.

The most important aspect to the Ancient Egyptians, were the gods and goddess. They had many gods and goddess .they were Isis, Ra, Osiris, Seth, Thoth, Amun-ra, Aten, Bastet, Anubis, and Horus. They believed that the sun god, Ra's, enemies tried to prevent him from rising every morning. Ra's power came from his name, so if you called his name , that's where his power came from. the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to communicate with each other. Hieroglyphics are many different symbols and pictures they created.

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History-Historian:Susana N.

Some of the successes that the ancient Egyptians created were started and worked on in the time periods that include the old,middle, and new Kingdom. The Old kingdom was the first to be created,of course,from 2686-2181 B.C. The middle kingdom existed from 2040-1782 B.C.Later on the new kingdom began in 1570 and ended at 1070 B.C. Before the Old Kingdom, King Menes, the first king of ancient Egypt, united Upper and Lower Egypt together making the one and only Egypt, which made the beginning of the Dynastic Period as a happy and united capital of Egypt while a cold war was at play. Whilst, all of this made, some changes in their course.

There were leaders of ancient Egyptians called pharoahs. They and normal people of ancient Egypt worshiped all the gods they believed. The pharoahs were like the kings of ancient Egypt.For example: the president rules over the U.S. So in this case the pharoah was the president and they ruled the ancient Egypt. In the time period of 3,200 B.C. a group of people came towards the Nile River, which is placed north-west in Africa, to settle down. They decided to stay there to create what is now known as the civilization of Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Egyptians.

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