What is the probability of you reading the whole thing?

A Short Introductory Problem


A spinner has 4 equal sectors colored yellow, blue, green and red. What are the chances of landing on blue after spinning the spinner? What are the chances of landing on red?

Solution: The chances of landing on blue are 1 in 4, or one fourth.

The chances of landing on red are 1 in 4, or one fourth.

Definition of Important Terms Related to Probability

Experiment: A situation that invovles probability and chances.

Outcome: The result of a single trial.

Event: One or more outcomes of an experiment.

Probability: Measure of how likely an event is to happen,

Formula Developed For Probability:

Probability Of An Event

P(A) = The Number Of Ways Event A Can Occur

The total number Of Possible Outcom

Introduction to Probability and Explanation of Experimental Probability

Probability Of you reading This Pamphlet:

Well this problem depends on how many assignments you have already recieved from the students. For example if you recieve 12 and i am the 13th sender then there is a 1/13 chance that you'll pick my assignment to check. So around 7% chance you'll read it.

Ofcoarse by the time you reach this point then you have already read my assignment whereby the whole problem is a waste of time.

Ali Ezzeddine

Ali Ezzeddine, a student at IC. Age 17, Good at math :S There is a probability of 1/40 chance that the previous fact is true. Loves math period and created this pamphlet on Friday 1st March.