Push And Pull

6 Countries

Brazil: Religious persecution

People in Brazil migrate because crime is very common in the area so they move to be safer and closer to family. Tax rates are very and refugees are forced to work in factories hardly making any money to pay them.

They leave Brazil and migrate to the USA for better economic systems and better jobs so they could be payed a good amount to support themselves and family.

China: ethnic prosecution

Leader of china didn't want to have foreign people in china. He demanded that all foreign illegal immigrants must leave or be put in jail for life. Also they wanted to get rid of people who were not Hun-Chinese. They called them "foreign trash".

The migrated to the US because they needed high working workers. Also because the people were free to have any religion they wanted and to have the rights we do.

India: environmental factors

In India it is very crowded and people have very little space to live. Families and friends have to share small homes with large members in the family. More forest is being broken down to where the supply of water pollution and air pollution is rising.

They immigrate to the US for cheaper living and larger place to hold all of

their family members.

Mexico: economic motives

People who live in Mexico have low paying jobs, and some people who try to work or find education are illegal immigrants and aren't allowed to get the education they want or the right amount of money. They immigrated to the south to get better jobs or to be a farmer.

They are immigrating to the south.

Africa: forced migration

In May extremely poor South Africans turned against thousands of immigrants from other parts of Africa, killing some 50, and forcing thousands to leave. They thought it was unfair for them to live better then them and fought, but were forced to leave and go to camps. Where they were watched.

Italy: political factors

The reason people are leaving Italy is because the government has failed to deliver any significant economic growth since the turn of the century(since 2000) Tax depths and people loosing homes and not getting full pay. The people moved around the same country for better jobs.