Plant Project

Briana Bohn

Marah Azure

The Blue Cup Blossom Plant

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Enviornment Found

The plant I discovered was found in a cold and wet environment. It rains often and the floor can get flooded. The altitude is a little (about 100ft) above sea level. There are lots of trees, like a rainforest, but it's very cold. There were some frozen patches on the ground from the cold temperature and rain/ occasional snow.


This plant has several adaptations. One of the things it has is fur all over the leaves and stem. The fur is to protect the plant against the cold and to scare off predators since they're somewhat sharp. The plant also has flowers. The shape of the flowers are like a cup so they catch the rainwater and keep the plant hydrated. Finally, the plant's flower petals have a light blue color. This color helps the plant to camouflage and blend in with the rainy environment.

Reproductive Method

The way this plant reproduces is sexually. The Blue Cup Blossom has flowers on it. These flowers have pollen on the anthers (male part). When an animal, insect, wind or water transfer the pollen to another plant with flowers, onto it's stigma (female part) the plant begins to fertilize and begins reproduction. Fertilization allows the seeds to develop and then those are dispersed to grow and make more of the plant.

Seed Dispersal

The way the plant disperses it's seeds is with water. It's very rainy where my plant is found so the water collects in the cup shaped flowers of the plant and when it overflows, the seeds flow out with the water. The water then spreads across the ground carrying the seeds with it until the seeds wash up somewhere to grow.

Similar Plant on Earth

The Blue Cup Blossom Plant is most similar to the Earth plant, Hairy Cucumber Plant. This plant is furry and it also has cup shaped flowers.