Chapter 13 - The New Jellyfish


The Journey of Bubbles

Ellie was at home when she heard the door bell ring. When she looked out the front door, she spotted a box. A friend of Melvin's had sent him a package. Melvin had already left earlier in the day. Ellie felt excited to open the package to see what was inside but was not sure because it was sent to Melvin. In Ellie's excitement of opening the box, she found inside a very small jellyfish. Ellie thought that the jellyfish looked like a tiny bubble. So, Ellie named the jellyfish "Bubbles". Ellie knew that she needed to find Melvin quickly and act fast to help the small jellyfish.

Since the jellyfish, "Bubbles", was meant for Melvin, Ellie had so many different thoughts running through her head on why someone would send such a small jellyfish. Ellie wanted to know more about this jellyfish. Where did the jellyfish come from? Did the jellyfish have special skills? Could the jellyfish shape shift? Ellie also worried that something might be wrong with the jellyfish, or happen to it, or die of hunger. Melvin would be the only person that could help the jellyfish or have the technology to do research on it.

Melvin's lab was a short distance from Ellie's house. She carefully wrapped up the box with the small jellyfish inside so it would not get injured. Once Ellie arrived at the lab, Melvin was glad to see her but did not know what she had inside the box. Ellie explained to Melvin that a friend had sent the box to him and she did not know why. Melvin took a look at the tiny jellyfish. Ellie told him that she named him "Bubbles" because he was so tiny.

Melvin knew the jellyfish was important. He thought to himself that this could be the jellyfish that had the special serum inside of it that would allow Melvin to stay young. He knew that he needed to do many tests on the jellyfish to find the perfect antidote. The jellyfish had been under a lot of stress with being moved around so much in such a short time. Melvin knew Bubbles needed rest before any testing could begin.

Ellie was very curious about this jellyfish. Melvin told her that this jellyfish might be the one he has been hoping to find. She wanted to help Melvin in anyway that she could. She was thinking to herself that she needed to stay calm.