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Hollywood Beach School Newsletter ~ March/April, 2022

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March & April News

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates

March 🍀

6th Science Camp 3/2-4

K-5 Spring Pictures 3/4

Makeups/6th Pictures 3/14

Happy St. Paddy's! 3/17

Report Cards 3/18


Spring Break 4/3-4/14

Easter 4/17

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Transitional Kinder and Kinder Registration Continues

Have an incoming Kindergartener or Transitional Kindergartener (TK)? Know someone who does? Now is the time to register! This just in from HESD!
Enrollment for Fall 2022 TK and kindergarten is now open.
  • Students turning 5 by February 2, 2023 will be eligible for TK
  • Students turning 5 by September 1, 2022 will be eligible for kindergarten.

To get a glimpse into our TK and kindergarten classrooms, please watch this short video:

English Video

Spanish Video

Please let our neighbors and your friends know that registration is open! the HBS Office is accepting registration every day betwen 8:30 AM-1:30 PM and 2:30-3:30 PM.

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Order your Spring Pics online! CHeck your order form for more info!

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Celebrate Women's History Month in March

Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987. This Women’s History Month, 2022, we honor the women who came before us and the ones that are still blazing a trail for our students today.

Congratulations, Tzitlaly R.!

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Our 6th grade Student, Tzitlaly R., has worked diligently and has reached her goal of achieving Fully English Proficient language level! It has been challenging and Tzitlly set her goals, worked hard, and made it happen! Way to go, Tzitlaly! We are proud of your efforts!

Meet Our New Spelling Bee Champion, Brendan L.!

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February is "Bee Season" at HBS...spelling bees, that is! At our recent Spelling Bee, the competition was fierce! our spellers were prepared and wrangled with challenging words, and were all great sports and an enthusiastic audience, cheering each other on with true Pelican Pride. Spellers competed round after round, until we reached the final rounds, with Elias Z. and Brendan L. - it was a suspenseful battle. The final outcome was balanced on the word, "decimal," which Brendan spelled correctly and with such confidence! Brendan will represent HBS as our Champion and Elias will be our Runner-Up. Congratulations to both! Brendan will go on to face an online, written County Bee and who knows? The Scripps National Spelling bee may be in his future! Good luck, Brendan, and congratulations!

Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant (ELOG) At Work!

Our Pelicans are benefitting from the Expanding Learning Opportunities Grant, which has been given to districts to help schools to recoup and assist with unfinished learning, accelerating learning, social-emotional support, and training for school staff. Interventions, clubs, special instructors, and much more are covered under the ELOG grant. One of the many ways we are utilizing this funding is to recoup some of the creative and social-emotional learning needs of our Pelicans through Artists in The Classroom. Every class in Grades 1-6 has an Artist-in-Residence that they will work with over the next few months, working on projects such as the ones above - learning about an art medium, artist who work in that medium, and how to express themselves through art. Some classes will be working with cartoonists, some with clay artists, and other media. The student work is beautiful and expressive, and our students have overwhelmed us with the talent within them! Watch for your students' creative expression to come home in the next few months!

The 100th Day of School

Our little Pelicans in our Kinder classes celebrated a big milestone...the 100th Day of School! Activities included games, presenting to the class, and beautifully creative projects. Students were proud of the ways they presented their projects and the many methods they used to group their hundred items. Celebrating the 100th Day also included some stylish fashion in Mrs. Wallet's Class: t-shirts designed with 100 items! Great job, Pelicans!

Sixth Grade Studies The Greek Gods in Social Science

Science Campers Return Home, Tired but HappY!

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Thank you, HBS PTA! Here are some of the awesome ways our fundraiser money was spent!

We are so fortunate to have such an active PTA, and so grateful for all of our families' support of the fundraisers this year! So far this school year, PTA has added an extra field trip for every class - these photos are from some of our whale-watching adventures so far! They have provided extra supplies for the classroom, they have paid for the majority of the fees for our Pali Institute Science Camp Trip, which cut the costs from $355 to $150 per student. They also paid for the bus, as well as providing the pizza on our campers' return. They have gone above and beyond to make sure our students have some amazing experiences in our first year back on campus. Trips so far have included the Moxi Museum, the Santa Barbara Zoo, and several whale watching trips, with more to come. A big "Thank you!" to our PTA! And a "Hip-hip-hooray!" to our HBS families for their support of our fundraisers each year! Thanks for supporting our students and our school.
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Hollywood News - Watch The Broadcasts Here!

Hollywood News is our 6th grade News Team's weekly newscast, covering all the latest at Hollywood Beach School. It is our entirely student-produced weekly broadcast. Enjoy our recent broadcasts here, with clips from our Holiday Show, Trimester Awards, and more!

Week 7, Week 8, Week 9

All of our broadcasts can be found at the "Family Resources" button on our school website. Stay tuned for new episodes every week!

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