8th Grade & Beyond....

4th Issue-The "TIME" has come!

Transitioning to High School

The counselors from Olympic High School came to talk to all 8th graders on Thursday, March 5th at 9:30 a.m. about general high school transition (i.e. high school graduation requirements, various clubs/extra-curricular activities, how to register for classes, etc.) information. All 8th graders attended, as the information shared was generic and valuable for all of them!

Registering for High School

The high school registration cards have started coming in from the high schools, and will be coming home with your child very soon. Students assigned to Olympic High School (METS, BIOTECH, Renaissance, Exec. Leadership & T.E.A.M.), Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences or Philip O. Berry High School should receive the card by Monday, March 9th, the completed and signed REGISTRATION CARDS ARE DUE TO MRS. DUNTON-FROBES OR MS. BROWN BY FRIDAY, MARCH 13TH! Registration cards for Harding and other magnet schools not listed above are forthcoming and will be distributed once received. Each student will also receive a high school course offering booklet; however, you can view the electronic copy via this link:


  • Your child's 7th grade End-of-Grade scores will be utilized to confirm their placement in their 9th grade core classes (Math, Lang. Arts, Science and Social Studies).
  • Please make sure you read over the registration card (front and back) before making your selections.
  • All students who scored a level 1 or 2 on the 7th grade EOGs (Math or Lang. Arts) should select appropriate Foundations Course for Math and/or Lang. Arts.
  • Students who are interested in taking an Honors level course must have the required EOG scores to support their interest; and must have a recommendation form completed by their current core teacher (i.e. their current 8th grade Lang. Arts teacher must complete a recommendation form to support the selection of Honors English)
  • It is best practice to complete the card in pencil, in the event you make a mistake while completing the card. (NOTE: Mrs. Dunton-Forbes and Ms. Brown will review each card and make any necessary changes before submitting them to the respective high school counselor.)

March 31 - Counselors from Olympic will be at Southwest to register students. All students assigned to Olympic will meet with a counselor to get their classes entered for next year.
  • Parent Hour - 8:00 - 9:30 - If you would like to sit with your student and the counselor during this process, you must RSVP via e-mail to Ms. Dunton-Forbes (tuere.dunton@cms.k12.nc.us) no later than March 24. More details as to appointment time, etc. will be provided but an RSVP is required.

8th Grade Carowinds Trip (April 17, 2015)

Friday, March 6 was the first payment date for Carowinds. Please be reminded that a full cash payment, completed permission slip, and copy of season pass (if applicable) is required in order for a spot to be reserved. A copy of the permission slip is available on the Southwest MS website.
The last two payment dates are March 11 and March 20 from 8:45 - 9:30 a.m. No other dates and times will be available.

Additional Info

  1. The School Counseling Dept. hosted it's annual "Patriot Workshops" on Thursday, March 5th. All students who had a parent representative to attend a workshop in it's entirety will receive 10 points towards their lowest grade in one of their core classes. The topics addressed included: Homework without Headaches; Preparing for Senior Year Now; Parenting Males, and Parenting Adolescents. If you were not able to attend the workshops and would like copies of the information from the "Preparing for Senior Year Now" session, please contact Mrs. Dunton-Forbes. Additionally, there was a student raffle for a $10 gift card, and a parent raffle for a $15 gas gift card! Congratulations, if you or your child were one of the lucky winners!
  2. Another Great Summer Opportunity.... Apprentice Leadership Program (Teens, ages 12-17)

    Applications for our summer session are due March 31, 2015.

    The Apprentice Leadership Program provides the opportunity for teens to build critical thinking and leadership skills and gain knowledge of science and education while working closely with Museum professionals. Beyond gaining critical knowledge about early childhood, science and nature, technology, engineering and math, the program focuses on four key developmental areas for future leaders:


    Embrace diversity while working with audiences from varying backgrounds.


    Discover what it takes to work together and what can be accomplished when working as a team.

    Public speaking

    Experience the opportunity to speak in a public forum and lead presentations.

    Social Skills

    Enhance the ability to interact with others.

    The Apprentice Leadership Program for ages 12-17 has limited availability. Candidates will be selected based on a completed application, reference letters and an interview. Applicants should fill out the appropriate form (download application from the sidebar, at right) and provide two reference letters from their current school. Applications for our summer session are due March 31, 2015.

    Completed applications and reference letters should be sent together to:

    Email: susand@discoveryplace.org

    Discovery Place Volunteer Services
    ATTN: Susan Dhonau
    301 N. Tryon St.
    Charlotte, NC 28202

    Program Commitment

    Both the summer and school year sessions of the Apprentice Leadership Program require a 70-hour commitment from participants. Participants may take part in the Camp programs, work directly with the public in the Museum or play a part in other Museum-related activities to complete the 70-hour commitment. Upon completion of the summer or school year session, participants will receive a Family Membership to all Museums valued at $200.00.