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Edition-1 15th July 1645

Which Witch?

On the 13th July 1645, Matthew Hopkins accused Elizabeth Clarke of being a witch. The trial took place yesterday at 11 in the morning.

Hopkins spotted miss Clarke talking to herself on the night before she was taken under arrest. According to Mr Hopkins she seemed to be muttering something under her breath. After Matthew went over and arrested Elizabeth he kept her awake for four days and nights. Soon enough Hopkins managed to get Clarke tell him that she had been talking to the devil. When asked what he looked like she replied "A lot better looking than you." After this Hopkins is convinced that Clarke has seen the Devil. He also claims to have seen a few of her evil helper such as 'Vinegar Tom', a dog with a bulls head which can take the shape of a baby and fly around the room. Matthew Hopkins is a very well-known Witchfinder General and is awarded 20 shillings for every witch he brings to trial.

The court procedure is as follows. At half past eleven the court clerk announced the arrival of the judge and told everyone to stand up. He also introduced the two sides. The sides contained Elizabeth Clarke and on the other side Matthew Hopkins. As the trial got under way the judge made a brief statment about what would happen if Clarke was found guilty which was a death sentence. Both Clarke and Hopkins got questioned on the case and both replied honestly. The prosecution made a brief final statment why Clarke shoud be found guilty. After a short break it was Clarke's turn to prove that she was innocent. A final statment was then made to say why Clarke was not guilty. It was then up to the judge to make the decision. After about ten minutes the judge called everyone to attention to make his decision.

"I found thee, Elizabeth Clarke, guilty of being a witch." There was an up-roar in court as he gave the sentence. A sentence of being hung from a rope around her neck.

By Amy Eager