Elizabethan Era

Education and Careers

Education (Boys, Girls) Career (Boys, Girls)

Education (Boys)

1.)ages 5-7 years old attended Petty School

2.)ages 7-14 years old were suppose to attend grammar school

3.)expected to start working after grammar school

4.)privileged got to go and get further education at university's

5.)In addition to university they would also travel to places like Europe, to study culture

6.) In school boys would kneel when praying

Education (Girls)

1.)not allowed to enter university's

2.)had to be tutored at home because there were no schools for women

3.)could not be heirs to there fathers title unless royalty

Career (Girls)

1.)could not become doctors or lawyers

2.)no acting in theaters

3.)men went to work women stayed at home4.)no women in army or navy

Career (Boys)

1.)were allowed to go to university/collage

2.)made money in household

3.)they were able to get any job they wanted

4.)able to act in theaters