Sorority Sisters

By: Chloe, Madeleine, Sarah, Nina, and Richard-Thomas


In the novel, Sorority Sisters, by Claudia Welch, four college girls - Diane, Ellen, Karen, and Laurie - all join the sorority Beta Phi in the 1970s. The girls all join the sorority for different reasons. Karen joins because her mom wants her to have more of a social life. Ellen joins to defy her father. Laurie joins to find her true love. Finally, Diane joins to get away from her navy life. The girls bond over parties, boyfriends, breakups, and sisterhood throughout the book.


Person v.s. Person: Diane has been in love with Doug for two years and when she finally tells him how she feels, she finds out he has never loved her. Doug breaks her heart and Diane is crushed.

Person v.s. Self: Laurie continues to date Pete even though she finds out the he has a girlfriend. She holds on to the hope of him proposing to her but later finds out that he proposed to his other girlfriend.

Person v.s. Society: Karen constantly cheats on her boyfriends. This time she cheats on her boyfriend of two years with a Frat boy. She tries to hide this from her sisters because she knows that they will look down on her for her bad decisions.


During the book, many themes have played out.

The theme of the impending future. This starts developing as the girls finish their sophomore year of college and realize they will not be in college forever.

"I'm not going to be able to follow in Dad's footsteps, not that Dad ever made a point of telling me he wanted me to shadow his career trajectory" (67).

The theme of insecurity. This develops as the girls have their hearts broken by guys who never cared about them.

"I should have kept my mask on. I shouldn't have let him see me, the real me, the me who is scared she won't make it into the navy and the me who is occasionally secure about her looks and the me who struggles in navigation" (147).