Washuntara: Can't Stop Love Concert

A concert at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, San Angelo TX

"He's rockin'- a definite two thumbs up!" - Sir Paul McCartney

Let Washuntara rock you as he rocked the lives of millions for the better. Experience two hours of great original music and lyrics, all beautifully intertwined with love, life and laughter. Washuntara's Can't Stop Love Concert is designed to send attendees dancing out the door full of joy and passion about life!

Washuntara's music challenges people to wake up and reclaim the happiness in their lives. With an unforgettable voice and powerful songs, this vital Australian’s music, mirth, and message has garnered a grassroots following across the world. Washuntara is a rock and roll mystic, his performance in San Angelo at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, is not to be missed.

Once you get it started
Watch what it does
It'll go full circle
You can't stop Love
— Washuntara


World Class Talent

  • Songs hit Top Ten status in Australian and European markets.
  • Shared the stage with Sir Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Moody Blues, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks, and a host of other international greats.
  • Major successes in the USA and also acclaimed in Europe and Australasia.
  • Internationally recognized Buddist Educator and speaker.
  • Co-founder of Circle of Men, a global not-for-profit men's well-being organization.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Thursday, Oct. 30th 2014 at 7pm

3 S Randolph St

San Angelo, TX

This is a free concert
Great Room- 3 S Randolph
(New Building in Back)
Doors open at 6:30pm
fmi call Mark Stevenson 325-656-6749 MarkS@txbank.com
SOUL HOUSE by Washuntara