Volunteer Updates

August 2019

Welcome Back! It is almost time to welcome back our valued volunteers and to greet those new to our program. As always if you have any questions or concerns reach out to me at 33705 or 523-0230. Thank you for your support with this important work!

  • I have attached the quick links to the volunteer application as well as the log for volunteer hours. In addition the welcome back letter and an updated volunteer brochure are attached for you to use as needed.
  • Your volunteer lanyards and badges are on the way to your site soon. If you do not receive your packet prior to the first day of school please email me and I will get it to you ASAP!
  • Please encourage volunteers to get their applications and background checks taken care of early! This helps avoid disappointments with upcoming field trips, etc.
  • A hall pass approved site visitor is not the same as a SPS approved volunteer. The volunteer background check is more extensive and must be completed before individuals volunteer at our school sites.

Volunteers and More

We are already in the process of approving volunteers and getting them ready to begin serving at your site. We are excited about the potential positive impact these individuals make.

Each building has an appointed Site Volunteer Coordinator (SVC) whose responsibilities are:

  • welcoming volunteers
  • placement of a volunteer if they have no real idea of how they can contribute
  • communicating to staff about who needs a background check and explaining the process takes 4-7 business days
  • encouraging volunteers to log their service hours THIS IS IMPORTANT!

SVCs if you have yet to save the link that directs you to a complete list of your buildings volunteers and their contact information all in one spot, click on this link and save it as a favorite in your browser.

I will mark whether or not the volunteer needs a new or updated background check. Please review this list daily for new volunteers to your building and be prepared to welcome them. You might also inquire from your staff what jobs they would like to have completed by volunteers. Sometimes it is nice to know prior to a volunteer arriving eager to being volunteering.

Volunteer Hours

Last year was a record for number of volunteer hours. We had over 35,000 hours logged for the year. This results in over $850,000 of in kind service! Our volunteers make a difference! We would love to see our volunteer program continue to increase in participation so please remind your volunteers to log their hours.

Some buildings dedicate a computer in the building for volunteers to log their hours, other building Site Volunteer Coordinators log their volunteers' hours in themselves from a hard copy log book. You decide.

The Reading Buddy Volunteers from the Council of Churches log their own hours through RSVP who then sends the total hours twice a year to me. RSVP volunteers have been provided a volunteer lanyard and badge.

· 10 hours of volunteer service logged: Generic VIP badge and lanyard

· 20 hours of volunteer service logged: Volunteer pin that can be pinned to the lanyard or worn.

· 50 hours: Volunteers will receive a VIP volunteer badge with their picture on it. The SVC should snap a picture of the volunteer and email it to me, Amy Patton. Please include the volunteer’s name, and your school building. This information is necessary for us to send it back to you through school mail.

· 100 + hours: the volunteer will receive a small notebook as a token of our appreciation