By: Jen Valero & Kameron Le

Mission statement & Values:

"To enrich and delight the world with food and brands that matter"

"To nurture families so that they can thrive"







CEO: John A Bryant

Mr.Bryant started working for Kelloggs in 1998, since then he has been responsible for financial and executive roles. He became a sales director in 2010 and was later appointed CEO in January of 2011.
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Products & Subsidiaries:

Raisin Bran, Pop Tarts, Froot Loops, Eggo, Cinnabon

Keebler, Sunshine Biscuits, Kashi, Bear Naked


Warehouse manager, transportation manager, Part time Merchandiser, Territory manager, Customer development manager.

Part Time Merchandiser:

Job description: to excite and engage consumers by merchandising store shelves and displays with famous, globally loved snacks products. you’ll be accountable for ensuring Kellogg’s snacks products are presented in the best possible displays to satisfy customer’s needs, attract consumers and drive sales.


  • Organizing, rotating and stocking shelves during each store visit – the platform for providing excellent customer service. This includes following a manager’s direction on transferring cases of product from the backroom to the store’s sales floor.
  • Ensuring the Kellogg’s Snacks product is on display and shelves are looking their best by properly rotating product and removing all stale or damaged packages.
  • Working as a team with your sales counterparts and management by communicating issues as appropriate, following your itinerary and being flexible with schedule changes to your itinerary.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor with the public and store personnel when performing your duties.
  • You will always be required to work safely.


  • Excellent customer service and verbal communication skills.
  • Availability to work on holidays and weekends.
  • Weekly access to the internet to enter hours worked for payroll
  • Ability to conduct physical work, frequently lift 15lbs and occasionally up to 50lbs
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