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What is HIV and AIDs?

HIV is what leads to AIDs. HIV is a virus spread through body fluids that affects specific cells of the immune system, called CD4 cells, or T cells, over time. HIV can destroy so many cells that the body can't fight off other infections and diseases. AIDs is what HIV leads to. Infection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and every victim of AIDS has different health problems, personal struggles, and losses. In the early 1980s, when the first AIDs cases attracted the attention of doctors and scientists, no treatment was known.

What is the Difference Between HIV and AIDs?


* stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and AIDs stands for Acquired

* HIV kills the white blood cells that protect you body, then it damages your immune system and in which over time leads to AIDs



*AIDs is the final stage in HIV, when your immune system can’t fight off regular infections,

*AIDs is the virus that kills the immune system.


There is no cure for HIV/AIDs yet. You wouldn’t die from HIV and AIDs you would die from common viruses like the flu,whooping cough, cold,... You die from this because your immune system is dead, which doesn't do its job.

How You Get HIV/AIDs And How it Infects Your Body...

HIV goes into your body and infects your immune system. It kills white blood cells and makes it so that you can’t fight off illness. When an infection called an “opportunistic infection”(because it takes the opportunity of you not having an immune system to come and infect you) comes into your body it is called AIDs. Without your immune system you can’t fight off illness, and you will die from it. So you don’t actually die from HIV or AIDS you die from things that are “opportunistic infections” which can be illnesses like, the Flu, the Common Cold, and even things like Whooping Cough and ChickenPox . Because your body can’t fight it off.

What People Get HIV/AIDs but don't know it?

*Over ¼ of the people that have HIV/AIDs don’t even know they have it!

*There aren’t many visible symptoms of HIV/AIDS and the only one that is specific to it is are the skin conditions you can get on your body. Other than that most of the symptoms you get are Flu like, headaches or fevers, tiredness, other body aches, and vomiting.

*Because of this many people don’t think they have it, or think it is nothing worse than a Common Cold or the Flu.

*People also may not know if they are prone to getting HIV/AIDS. People

*living in third world countries have an increased risk because hospitals aren’t as clean, and will sometimes re-use needles and blood.

What Medicines do they have now/ are working on?

There is no actual cure for HIV/AIDS but they have certain procedures to stop the symptoms. You can do therapy to stop the symptoms of HIV.

* you can take a medicine called ART which is said to reverse the DNA of the virus to make it stop spreading or causing symptoms.

There is also a program that is working on a vaccine for HIV/AIDs within the next 15 years, founded by Bill Gates. He told TAG (Treatment Action Group) “There are other burgeoning areas of HIV vaccine development that hold promise, but are at an earlier stage.” They are working off of those vaccines to create a full-on working vaccine by 2030!

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The Ways We Would Help People With HIV/AIDs...

The ways we would help make a cure for HIV/Aids would be to ask people to donate money, make fundraisers to make money for the medicines to help the patients feel better.


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