By Denise Garcia

Physical Properties

Atomic Mass: 65.39 amu

Atomic radius in angstroms: 2.01 Angstroms

Destiny: 7.134 g/cm^3

Melting Point 787.149 F

Boiling Point 1665 F

At room temperature solid

Appearance sliver-grey

Conductivity: 116 W/m.K

Malleability: unknown

Hardness: 2,5 on the hardness scale

Chemical Properties



Atomic Structure

Atomic Number: 30

Mass number: 65.39

Protons: 30

Neutrons: 37

Electron: 30


When? 1746

Where? German

Who? Andreas Marggraf


Applications and Uses

Uses: In the manufacture of very many products

Often Found: Rubber, Paint, cosmetics, inks, pharmaceuticals, plastics, soaps etc.

Fun Facts

  • Where does the name come from? German word "zinke" meaning "spiked"
  • 95% copper and 5% zinc is in a penny