What's Happening in Kappa Delta Pi?

News for the Month of November

Hello KDP Members!

This newsletter is to help keep you up-to-date on the most current information happening in KDP. Below you will find the Service Opportunities and Professional Developments for the month of November. Please remember that for the most current information, the website is your best source of information!

Professional Development: Widening the Circle

Widening the Circle is a Native American and Hmong Indigenous Education Symposium that is taking place on November 8th-11th. Please see the attached brochure for more information and feel free to e-mail us!

Please attend and submit a write-up for the event!

Widening the Circle Brochure

Service Opportunity: Ornament Decorating

Please join us for our annual Ornament Decorating for our tree at Rotary Lights. The service opportunity will take place on Monday, November 12, at 7:15pm. We will meet in Centennial Hall 3214. Can't wait to see everyone there!

Professional Development: iPads in the Classroom

Please join KDP as they welcome Kathy Niebuhr (Yes, it is Beth's mom!) as she teaches us more about iPad uses and applications in the classroom! Technology can be scary for any teacher to tackle, but with the right training, it can be an asset to any classroom! The meeting will take place on November 26th at 7:15 pm in Centennial Hall 3214

T-Shirt Design Contest

We need your creativity KDP members! We are in the beginning stages of designing shirts for KDP this year.

We use an AWESOME website that makes it easy and fun! So please, check it out the link below. There is more information in the Announcement section on the website.

T-Shirt Designs need to be submitted by NOVEMBER 19, 2012. When you submit the T-Shirt design, you will need an e-mail address. Please use kappadeltapi@uwlax.edu. This way we will have access to the T-Shirt design to post for voting.

The winner will receive their T-Shirt for free!

T-Shirt Design Contest

KDP Rotary Lights Social/Viewing

Every year, KDP members take a trip down to the Rotary Lights to view our tree! We are looking for another day besides a Monday. Attached you will find a form to help us determine which date works best for members. Please fill out the form, so that we can pick a date that works best for YOU!

KDP Rotary Light Social/Viewing