Cargo on the Titanic

By Gerald Hopkins

Marvelous Cargo lost abord the Titanic

Some cargo aboard the Titanic included, "Five grand pianos; 30 cases of golf clubs and tennis rackets; 40 tons of potatoes; 50 cases of toothpaste; Four cases of opium; 75,000 pounds of fresh meat and 11,000 pounds of fish; 800 pounds of tea and 2,200 pounds of coffee; 20,000 bottles of beer and 1,500 bottles of wine ; 16,000 lemons and 36,000 oranges; 2.75 tons of tomatoes." William Carter's Renault 35-horsepower automobile which was very expensive at the time.(and still is now) Finally, one of the most valuable, high-end, up-scaled objects on the ship, "was a jeweled edition of "The Rubaiyat" by Omar Khayyam with illustrations by Eliku Vedder." It took two whole years to bind together! It had been recently sold to an American in New York for 2,000 dollars, (45,000 dollars today) yet it too sank into the deep, deep depths of the ocean.

Animals and the Titanic

There were eights dogs, one cat, one pig, and about 2,000 rats aboard the Titanic. The cat, pig, and two dogs survived the tragedy of the Titanic. Also, "Writer Michael Morpurgo, author of "War Horse," has also written a fictionalized account of a cat aboard the Titanic called "Kaspar The Titanic Cat" that was published this year by HarperCollins."If the Titanic never sunk in the early hours of April 15, 1912 the first class passengers of the ship would have had a dog show." The first officer of the Titanic was the owner of a black Newfoundland dog named Rigel. When it became indisputable that the Titanic was going to sink; men freed the dogs and other animals from their kennels. Unfortunately, most animals eventually drowned. Yet, Rigel who swam for three hours (give or take a few minuets) in freezing, icy cold, glacial waters was still strong enough to bark so the Carpathia would stop. Rigel went on to lead a lifeboat to the starboard gangway of the Carpathia to safety. Rigel was named a hero and also did not have any detrimental effects from the tragedy of the Titanic.

Titanic ripping into two


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