Senior Project I.O. Option 2014-15

For the motivated and adventurous

What's going on?

As you may have heard, Senior Project changed last year. It is still a scheduled class, and all seniors who must complete Senior Project will have the course appear on their schedules. However, there is an exciting new opportunity for self-motivated seniors willing to take advantage of it!

Are you an I.C. or an I.O. student?

I.C.= In Class student
I.O.= Independent Option student

I wanna be an I.O. student. What do I have to do?

When you pick your classes for senior year, sign up for either Regular SP (In class student) or SP Indep Option (I.O. student) using the course numbers below:

3ADV4500P5 Regular SP

3ADV4510P5 SP Indep. Option

In order to sign up for the I.O. Option...

  • You must be recommended by your Advisor.

If I'm qualified as an I.O. student, what does that mean?

  • Seniors who are granted I.O. status will be included on Senior Project rosters, and therefore each will have a Senior Project advisor/teacher.
  • Though I.O. students are not required to attend regularly-scheduled classes, I.O. students do have specific meeting requirements explained below.
  • I.O. students will be required to conference with SP teacher/advisors as follows:
    • Twice in early September

    • Once per quarter to “check-in.”

    • Starting in March, I.O. students must schedule their own practice presentation during regular class times, and must attend additional presentations to provide feedback for their peers.

What happens if I'm not an I.O. student?

  • All seniors who have not been recommended by their advisor, must sign up for the 3ADV4500P5 Regular SP class and will then be enrolled in Senior Project Class (I.C.).
  • I.C. students enrolled in Senior Project Class will meet as scheduled. Should class sizes exceed 22 students, then one half the I.C. students will meet on the first Block of the week and the 2nd half of the I.C. students will meet on the 2nd Block of the week.
  • You may move to I.O. status at any time 1st semester if you meet the requirements.

Uh Oh! I guess I'm not a good I.O. student. Now what?

You will be moved to I.C. status and must attend classes.
  • Revoking of I.O. status can happen for any of the following reasons and will be upon teacher discretion:

    • I.O. students who miss ONE scheduled conference without a valid excuse or prior arrangement will have I.O. status revoked.

    • I.O. Students who do not maintain a passing Y5 grade will have I.O. status revoked.

    • If assignments that are not completed on time begin to accumulate, the SP teacher/advisor may revoke the student’s I.O status despite Y5 grade. For example, if an I.O. student suddenly starts missing assignments, or regularly does not complete 1-2 assignments each quarter, the SP teacher/advisor has the authority to revoke I.O. status.

Just remember...either way...

I.O. and I.C. students will complete the same amount of coursework!

That's right.. the same amount of coursework!