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About the Stagecoach


  • It started in the U.S. in 1827.
  • The cost ranges from $1,200- $1,500 per stagecoach.
  • On average it can hold 9 inside and 12 or more on the top.
  • The average speed is 8 miles per hour.
  • It delivered mail twice a week.


  • Taking the stagecoach was safer than traveling alone because you would travel in large groups.
  • It was the fastest means of traveling at this time.


  • It is very crowded in the main part of the stagecoach.
  • It can be very uncomfortable to sleep: they believed it was disrespectful to rest your head on someone.
  • It was very dusty and dirty.
  • You could be robbed easily because of how open the stagecoach was.


  • The most used stagecoach in the Old West was designed by the Abbot Downing Company.
  • Their stagecoaches were rarely known for breaking down, just for getting worn down.

Impact on North Dakota

  • It influenced the creation of automobiles.
  • Many people were able to move west when they wanted to.

Importance in North Dakota

  • It was an important means of travel and communication.
  • People were able to get where they needed to go in a faster means of travel.

Stagecoach Rides

  • 1st class: $7.00 (rode all the way)
  • 2nd class: had to walk at bad places on the road
  • 3rd class: same as above, but also had to push at hills

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