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Hope your day is/was filled with blessings! My hope is to share great & useful technology tools (and other information) that will help keep your students engaged and hopefully lighten your load a bit. I will add more items as time permits. If I can help you with any of these, please let me know.
World Peace Game

Teaching children the work of peace.

Lego Movie Maker App

Although made by Lego, this free stop motion app is an easy-to-use solution for any kind of video creation, Miller said. She likes it because it’s easy to add titles, slow the animation down, or speed it up.

GUM. THE SOCIAL NETWORK OF THINGS. A way to attach digital messages to barcodes, turning physical things into social pinboards.


Great App. for flipping. You can embed interactive elements to video instruction. Adding interactive elements is a good way to force students to interact with the material, and when they are more engaged they will hopefully grow curious.


This digital storytelling tool is especially good for poetry. It’s available free on both mobile devices and on a web-based platform and allows kids to embellish their poetry with illustrations and text that capture their emotions. Creations can be kept private or published and they also print well.

Search an overview of topics and suggested activities to include in the classroom.


Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a set of online flashcards or other cool stuff.


Embed your test questions into a video. You must check this out.
Naeir provides various items for schools and non-profits at reduced prices. From office supplies to plumbing, it is worth your time to browse:
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Formative Assessment

Click here for a video on GoFormative.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to create and share with students.

Click here for a screencast on how to upload your own document.


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Kahoot is a website that allows you to create and deliver quizzes to any type of device. As a teacher, you can insert images into the questions as well as videos. You also control the pace of the quiz and set time limits per questions. Students earn points based on accuracy and the speed at which they respond. Results can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Kahoot is usually a "crowd pleaser." Click here for a short video.


  • Once students get the gist of Kahoot, put the responsibility of creating the questions and answer choices on them.
  • Look in the "public" section of Kahoot to find 1.3+MILLION of quizzes already made. Just search for your topic of review. You can duplicate the quiz and then edit to customize the content.

Teacher site:

Student site:

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What a fun way to assess!

Plickers is a rapid-response classroom polling tool that uses paper cards rather than mobile devices for student responses.

To conduct a poll, a teacher creates a question and projects it on-screen. Students hold up their custom response cards (each card is different), turning the cards in different orientations to indicate their answers (one side up for A, another side up for B, and so on). The teacher holds up a device (like an iPad or Android) and Plickers does two thing: 1. recognizes the students by name and 2. scans students’ responses, which are recorded. Responses can be automatically projected on a screen in the classroom, and teachers can track each student's responses over time.

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Online Bulletin Board

Click here for a screencast on how to upload your own document.



  • FREE
  • Online bulletin board
  • Can be moderated
  • Post links, images, videos, or upload files.
  • Anyone can post to them.

There is a Chrome Extension as well. Click here to add it to Chrome.

For more ideas for the classroom, click here.