Ariel Bryant

Ceramics 1

Oceans Creaures

I created this project because i enjoy not only the oceans but all wildlife below the surface. A problem i had with this peice is to get a handle to stay and to fix this problem, i just didnt put the handle on it. As i am very pleased with the creation i wish i could have added one more sea creater. Maybe a shark or Whale would make a nice addition.


I created this project because i wanted to make something simple but a masterpiece that would catch the eye. A problem i had, It was sappost to be a Pumpkin but as i was working with it it turned more into a large bowl. If i could change something it would deffinatly be the surface smoothness, as it is rough and not smooth at all.


I notice a man, obviously, but he looks as if he is leaning on something behind him that you may not be able to see completly in the picture.

John Deweese Pottery