The Boom Years


Inventions boomed up in the 1950,s. Super glue was invented in 1951. Super glue was able to hold stuff together that would not be able to stick. You would just have to rub the glue on the item and stick it to the other item. Mr potato head was invented in 1952. Mr potato head was a modern day toy for kids to play with. You could arrange him in any order you would like. The hovercraft was invented in 1956 by Christopher Cockerel. The hovercraft was a giant plane to transport goods and deliver big items.


Famous music in the 50's was mostly classic rock. Classic rock was a mixture of hard rock and classic music. Instruments used in classic rock are electric guitars, pianos, drums and bass guitars. Famous bands of these times are Lynrd Skynrd, Metallica, Rolling Stones and Elvis and Buddy. These bands have played at concerts at lots of different places. They record their songs and put the on albums and sell them for money. Their songs will also come on the radio that was invented in the 1920's.


New cars were being invented at this time period. They have improved the safety, gadgets and speed of the cars. Cars were actually invented in the 1920's. The first car that was ever invented was the Ford Model T. Cars have been renamed and new car companies have started to grow and grow. New companies like Chevy, KIA, Dodge, Volvo and Volkswagen have opened up. These cars have been extremely modified to be a lot better than the old cars. These cars had lots of bigger engines in them and a lot more horse power.


Toys were objects for kids to play with when they were board. Toys were being shipped from far away places like Russia, China and Japan. They came out with toy cars for kids to play and collect with. Mr potato head was a very popular liked toy. Later in the 90's they came out with the movie toy story and it had Mr potato head in it. Then they came out with video game systems like the GameCube and the Atari. These were classic gaming systems where you had to use a little joy stick to play the game. Then they came out with arcade games. Arcade games were games you could play at restaurants but you had to pay about a dime to play them.


Entertainment in the 50's were attracting people to spend money on activities they wanted people to watch or do. 3-D movies were invented at this time and people would spend money to watch brand new movies that just came out in 3-D. 3-D movies were movies that the characters actually pop out of the screen, but you had to have 3-D glasses on to be able to see the characters pop out at you. At this time people came up with fun summer camps for children to play and explore at. They also built bowling alleys for families to have fun and play with their children.


In the 50's people were tired of waiting in line to order food inside, so they came up with the idea of a drive through. That way people could drive through and get their food in less than 5 minutes. People started to eat more desserts than old fashioned foods. They started making special sauces for foods like duck sauce, barbeque sauce and ranch sauce. People were into eating more of like salads than chicken and different types of soups. Salad was a dish of letace, tomatoes, onions and vegetables.


In the 50's people called their style swagger. They wore dresses, vests, headbands and slicked their hair back with gel. The girls in the 50's would poof their hair up and wear glittered scarfs. They created dance proms for people who wanted to compete in dance competitions one girl had to pair up with one guy and the remaining dancers would be the winners. Usually it would be the longest the dancers could dance until they got tired and gave up. They invented the disco ball at this time they would use the disco ball in the dance competitions. The disco ball had reflective little mirrors on it and a light would shine on it the disco ball would spin around and the lights would dance all over the room like strobe lights.


In the 50's popular dances were the Charleston and the electric slide. People would dance with a partner and would some times enter dance competitions. A lot of people do romantic dances when they go to the dance place. The floors are big squares everywhere and each square lights up its own color. People would also play sick beats on big radios they used for dance competitions. They played romantic, robotic and classic rock music from the radio. They would have huge speakers to play the music a lot louder it would also make the whole dance room bounce up and down.


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