Theseus Defense Team

Corey Aude


Come one Come all! The trial of Theseus's innocence!

The man who killed the minotaur and became King of Athens.

Began the first democracy in Athens and when Thebans refused to bury the dead, the vanquished turned to Theseus and he rode to Thebes and made allowed for the bury of the dead, never hurting a Theban or touching the city.

He stayed with Oedipus until he died, caring for him.

He protected his two helpless daughter's and sent them safely home after their father died.

When Hercules killed his family, drove mad by Hera, Theseus stayed by him and gave him his hand, roused his courage, and took him to Athens.

He sailed on the Argo for the Golden Fleece, took part in the great Calydonian Hunt, a hunt to kill a terrible boar.

When, Pirithous, king of Lapithae, married, Theseus was a guest and fought the centaurs, who were drunk and were taking of with women. He chased and fought them till they fled the country.

He worshiped only Artemis, and married Antiope. He had one child.

King Aegeus of Athen! Our witness! [on the right]

Theseus's father.