"Born Worker"

By: Gary Soto


The main character, Jose , is a hard working boy. Not only is he hard working but he is also caring. He is a junior high student and his family all work for what they need.

The Conflict

The conflict in the story Born a Worker is when Arnie and Jose are trying to get a lot of money by working for other people. While Jose was cleaning Mr.Clemens pool, Mr.Clemens had fallen into the pool trying to get his false teeth back. Jose immediately tried helping him out of the pool but on the other hand Arnie wanted to leave Mr.Clemens and act like nothing had happened.

Jose & Arnie

Arnie and Jose agree to do some side jobs to work for other people to earn some money. Although Jose is doing all the work, Arnie is getting some of the money too. Jose doesnt really like Arnie because he's spoiled and gets whatever he wants.
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Jose's parents

Jose's mom and dad work to keep a roof over their head. Jose's mom stitches with a machine and Jose's dad works at a telephone company and fixes wires.

Quote from the story

"Life is hard."


The story was okay, i mean i didnt think the story would end as an old man getting hurt in a pool by trying to get his fake teeth. But i would rate it an 8/10

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