"Born Worker"

by Gary Soto

Jose "the born worker"

People say that Jose was born with a ring of dirt around his neck, with grime under his finger nails, and skin calloused from the grainy twist of a shovel. Jose thinks that his cousin, Arnie, is lazy and spoiled..


After Arnie and Jose went to Mr.Clemens' house, Mr.Clemens' hearing aid fell into the bottom of the pool. While trying to recover it, Mr.Clemens fell at the bottom of the pool and hit his head. Arnie left thinking if he was seen there, he would get in trouble. Jose, on the other hand, stayed and helped Mr.Clemens. After the ambulance arrived, Jose was pulled aside to be questioned. At this point, Arnie came back and told a fictitious story of how he was there the whole time. Jose just plainly walked away.

End of Story Details

"You punk!" Jose yelled. "Go inside and call 911."