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About the Civil Rights Movement this is our blog and here's the Civil Rights. Civil Rights was about How blacks were being mistreated and how the whites were getting the good stuff. They had segregation which basically means that everyone at work had to go to a different place than the white people.They couldn't be next to each other they couldn't see each other even if they were in your family you can do it.It's just was wrong. It was just a bad time for them.This is why were explaining it. In 1950 -1960 Many people didn't like the jim crow laws so they tried to stop it and so basically there's a person named Rosa Parks. She made the bus boycott she made it to where she went to jail because she wouldn’t give up a seat to a white person. She got put in jail and so Martin Luther King took her spot.Martin Luther King was a preacher he tried to stop the Jim Crow laws and he also started preaching because his dad was a preacher so was basically a family religion and so all of his family and all the black people they basically stopped them by marching and stopped riding the bus and doing cars until they would change that rule but then things started new stuff he started making everything even so everybody could live in a happy place.He wrote a speech called I have a dream and so he talked about how everyone should be treated equally and how we should all be happy for each other we shouldn't be doing all this but then disaster struck on one of their marchings the blacks got hit with high power fire hoses. Most jim crow laws were changed like the voting law and let me tell you about that.So basically there was a law to where only me and only white men could vote but they had to take a test so did the black people but the white persons test would be like Who's the first president? and then the blacks test would be like what is the First Amendment of the United States of America and how did it become that? So they were being mistreated and so they tried to stop that but after that you know it kind of changed.So now everybody say you had a room full with children or people or anything that you want to and the black ones sat down but the white people stand up and the girls sit down it's just unfair did you see how many people could vote and how many people are in the room.So that's basically what happened and people thought about that so they can't do anything about it but they did and luckily it change. It change because president Lyndon change did by voting voting made everything Fair they had to vote on what and where they would do stuff or I don't know on what they wanted if they wanted different things and that's how it became fair. Martin Luther King died because he got shot. Martin Luther King died in April 4th 1968.