Virtual Resume

By: Sumeep Dhadda

Academic SMART goal

S:I will achieve an average of 85% or higher at the end of grade 12.

M:I will look at my average at the end of grade 10 and grade 11 to see if I am on track or not.

A:I need to get at least 80% on all my courses throughout high school if I want to achieve an average of 85% at the end of grade 12.

R:This is an important goal to me in this time of my life because if I do well in high school then I can go to a university of my choice and have a successful future.

T:I will try to boost my current average which is 75% by 5% for the next 2 years until the end of grade 11 and in grade 12 I can achieve the 85% average.

Volunteering SMART goal

S: I will do 100 hours of volunteering at my temple by the end of grade 12.

M: I will go on my free time to my temple and complete my hours. I will reduce my time playing video games and other stuff and focus on completing my volunteer hours.

A: I need to go on the weekends and during the weekends to complete my hours. I need to take time out of my daily schedule to go and complete my community hours. I will achieve at least 10 -15 hours during the march break and in the summer I will achieve all the hours that are left.

R: This is an important goal to me because I need a minimum of 40 hours to graduate and If I get 100 hours then maybe I can go to an even better university.

T: My goal is to get at least 100 hours by the end of this summer because I don't want to be stressing about this in grade 11 or 12.

Future Pathway video

Future Pathways by Sumeep



Challenges and solutions


My future career choice is a video game designer. Being a video game designer is a very difficult and stressful job. They face many challenges on a daily basis. Two of the biggest challenges/problems that video game designers encounter include creating an interesting story for their game and fixing bugs and game play malfunctions in their game. The most interesting part in a videogame and what we most look for is the plot or story of the game. If the game has an interesting story than that game is already half successful. For example, Grand Theft Auto 5 has a very interesting story in their game and this game became very successful. Another challenge that video game designers face is fixing bugs and gameplay malfunctions in their game. Bugs and gameplay malfunctions really irritate and make people angry when playing a videogame. Small things like these can really ruin a company’s reputation and they can possibly see a decline in sales in the near future.


Video game designers face a lot of problems and challenges and it is up to them to find a solution to the problem. A problem that game designers face is creating an interesting story in their game. A solution to this problem can be to first look at the age group to whom the video game is targeted to. Then according to the age group you can create a story best suitable for that age group. For example, if the target audience for a video game is 7-10 years old then the story should not be about violence or guns etc. but it should be about sports or something that that age group can like and enjoy. Another big problem that game designers face are fixing bugs and gameplay malfunctions. There is only one simple solution to this problem which is to test out the game completely before releasing it to the public. Before releasing a game the company should allow some people to play the game for a little bit and see if there is anything wrong. That way the game designers can fix the problems before releasing it to the public.