Tech Tuesday! September 29th

Tech tips to keep you informed

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60 ways Math teachers can use Google Classroom

Check out this link from Alice Keeler's blog (if you haven't caught on, I'm a big fan of hers... and she will respond to your tweets!) It has several tips for using Classroom - and not just for math teachers.
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Versal is an app for creating interactive lessons or courses. You could use it within your existing LMS or use it on its own. I met 2 of the guys from the company over the summer, (actually won a chromebook from them!) and they are super receptive to ideas and feedback. Seems like a great progressive company. Let me know if you try it.

Whalen's weekly reason for joining Twitter...

It's about learning, not self promotion.

It's starts with sharing positive parts of school. Then you get into some twitter chats and meet some educators from around New Jersey. And the country. Before you know it, you have a group of educators that you can reach out to whenever you need advice or help. There's a principal in Northern Jersey named Eric Sheninger who has done a lot for digital leadership. He charges thousands of dollars for speaking engagements. You can tweet to him and he'll respond.... FOR FREE! Don't buy into the self-promotion social media stereotype. You use your smartphone differently than a 16 year old in a myriad of ways - make Twitter one of them.

I wouldn't be so relentless if it hadn't changed my life for the better.

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This Day in History

History teachers check out this site which could be cool for a do now or current events.